Go has become one of the most sought-after programming languages amongst the worldwide developer community.

    But what is it exactly that is making Golang so appealing?

    Join BJSS Engineers, Andrew Beattie and Joseph Cheverton-Wynne alongside our Head of Academy, Dan Webb as they uncover the five reasons why experienced and junior developers should consider adding Go to their tech stack. They will also share their experience of using the programming language and how you too can start your Golang journey at BJSS.


    Joseph Cheverton-Wynne

    Joseph is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Sheffield. He first joined BJSS’ Leeds office for a placement year and returned after university as part of Manchester. For the past year and a quarter he has been on the Bet365 project, writing Go based APIs as part of the responsible gambling team.

    Andrew Beattie

    Andrew is a Software Engineer with four years of professional experience, primarily in financial and payment services. His tech stack currently revolves around Golang but his previous development projects have been in Angular and Java deployed onto cloud-based platforms.

    Dan Webb

    Dan recently became the Head of Academy for BJSS, after being heavily involved with its re-organisation in 2019 and subsequent intakes. He joined in 2009 as a Technical Tester and still enjoys arguing with people about BDD.




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