Join BJSS and SPARCK Futures Thinking experts and Digital Consultants, Matt Mullan, Terry Dixon and Lauren Fridlington, for an insightful webinar on adopting Futures Thinking within your organisation to combat the pitfalls of short-termism.

    Futures thinking is a vital business approach that allows your organisation to enhance its strategic adaptability,  responds to dynamic forces across technology, the economy, the political landscape and It fosters collaboration and long-term success.

    Drawing upon our survey to more than 100 top business leaders, we will share key findings and insights that illuminate the challenges and opportunities of thinking long term in a volatile and uncertain world.

    By attending this webinar you’ll discover:

    • An understanding of Futures Thinking – Learn what Futures Thinking is and how it differs from traditional forecasting or trend analysis.
    • Enhancing key competencies – Explore how Futures Thinking can improve adaptability, resilience, innovation, future-readiness and long-term success.
    • Core principles and tools - Explore essential principles and tools of Futures Thinking, including dealing with uncertainty, futures intelligence, the futures cone, scenario planning, trend analysis and back casting.
    • Application to your goals – Learn how to apply our Futures Thinking framework to your specific goals and objectives.
    • BJSS’s unique perspective – Gain insights into how BJSS approaches Futures Thinking differently and what this means for your organisation.

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