Software Engineers

    Use the latest tools, technologies and languages to build complex software solutions across a range of environments.


    Test Engineers

    Join multi-disciplinary teams in a fast moving, agile environment, to implement best-practice testing, test automation and BDD practices.


    Platform Engineers

    Build and maintain the delivery infrastructure, systems and processes underpinning technology transformation engagements.





    years of
    award-winning delivery


    talented people working together on complex projects


    locations across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia

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    life at bjss

    why bjss?

    Variety and Flexibility

    Bored easily? Once you finish working on a project, you'll be straight onto something different - a new client, new industry, new technologies and new challenges.

    Never Stop Learning

    Expose yourself to new technologies, languages, and ways of working, with full learning and development support from your Squad Lead.

    Work where you want

    Sick of remote working? You can come into the office. Rather work from home? That’s ok, too. Or perhaps a mix of the two? We support a totally hybrid working model across our 25 offices, with opportunities to relocate if you want.

    Big Names, BIg Projects

    You’ll play a key hands-on role in delivering digital solutions that millions of people around the world rely upon every day. Your skills will create meaningful products that transforms and improves society, making life better for all.

    Great Minds

    Be part of a community of the most talented people in the business. You'll be surrounded by diverse teams who will nurture you, challenge you and support you to be extraordinary.

    Come Together

    Each BJSS location is a community, each with its own local flavour. But no matter where you are, the social side of things is a big part of life at BJSS, and there are plenty of meetups, social events, hackathons, and more to get stuck into.

    Pick your path

    There’s no set career journey through BJSS and you’re not tied to your job title.  Whatever avenue you want to pursue in your career, we’ll support you with the development opportunities to build those skills. 

    Award-winning Training

    Our Academy received a prestigious Princess Royal Award for 2021. This means you can be sure to receive industry-leading training and development and be part of a programme that emphasises equal opportunities for everyone.


    BJSS is a technology and engineering consultancy. We have a 30-year track record of building and providing enterprise-class technology solutions to clients in the public sector, healthcare, financial services, energy, and retail sectors.

    We engineer world-class technology solutions embracing Strategy, Software, Cloud, Data, AI and Automation. Our teams of talented technologists and consultants to build dynamic platforms that millions of people use every day.

    If you haven’t heard of us, you’ll have heard of our clients – and definitely used some of the things we’ve delivered.



    Established when BJSS was founded, our values remain unchanged, they continue to define us. Technology and culture underpin market beating performance.


    Professional Excellence

    We always aim to deliver outstanding quality work, regardless of role.


    Innovative Thinking

    We differentiate BJSS by always looking for ‘a better way' and taking new approaches to engagements.


    Delivering Great Outcomes

    We share a passion to excel and an absolute focus on delivery.



    Our interactions with colleagues and clients are collaborative and respectful.


    Long-Term Relationships

    We build lasting client relationships by establishing real working partnerships and keeping our promises.



    “For years, I was having to change jobs to be pushed out of my comfort zone. But, at BJSS, when a project finishes, I move onto something new, working with totally different technologies, sometimes in an industry, I haven’t worked on before. And when I’ve had to pick things up from scratch, there’s always been support readily available.”

    Fawad – Software Engineer


    “In some of my previous jobs, I’ve been literally the only woman in the company. I look around BJSS and it’s just amazing the diversity of people that we’re hiring. The company is really trying to lead in that area.”

    Natsumi – Developer


    “The best things about BJSS are the people and the general ethos of the business. Everybody is on a level. Of course, there is a hierarchy, but it’s not a firm thing, and there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to the MD or whoever. It’s kind of egoless. And because we don’t really have titles or things like that, you can find your own way and opportunities grow organically. There’s nothing holding you back at BJSS – it doesn’t matter what your background is, and you don’t have to have been here for X number of years to get to do certain things. If you’re capable and you’re doing a good job, you’ll get the opportunities.”

    Adam – Technical Lead



    Our people love the variety of different projects, the meaningful work they deliver and the quality of teams that they work in. Want to be a part of our team?



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