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    Our step by step engagement process of how to efficiently migrate to Cloud with BJSS and see business value faster.



    Define Strategy

    The cloud delivers fundamental technology benefits that can help your enterprise execute multiple business strategies. To help you realise this BJSS will start by working with you to define and document your cloud strategy outlining the role of cloud in your organisation and not just a plan to move everything to the cloud.



    A cloud adoption plan converts your strategy document into an executable plan. BJSS will create a detailed plan for you to determine what cloud adoption means to your organisation, understand how key stakeholders benefit, establish the best approach and operating model, and drive clarity to guide your organisation’s change management during your cloud migration. 



    We address gaps in your organisation’s readiness that were uncovered in the Plan phase, with a focus on building your baseline environment, a cloud landing zone, driving operational readiness, and developing your teams’ cloud skills providing the foundations, processes and tools needed to get your cloud services up and running in a secure, consistent and compliant environment. 



    We will create a migration backlog with sufficient details to support key activities: application architecture, prioritisation, estimation, and user acceptance criteria. For each application in scope for migration we will design, migrate and modernise, and finally validate it is Well Architected in adherence to cloud best practice. 


    Govern & Manage

    We have a proven methodology for service transition to a Modern Managed Service that blends the needs of your organisation with DevOps principles while retaining proven ITIL ways of working, giving you total confidence of delivery. As we have expertise and experience in all aspects of the systems development lifecycle, we can work with you to shape the user experience of the new cloud managed service and transition it into a live state.

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