Starting a career in tech can be daunting. Join us to hear from graduate software engineers Struan, Ruth and Tom to find out the things they wished they’d known before they started their tech careers at BJSS.
    • Where do you look for roles?
    • What’s the difference between consultancy and in-house roles?
    • How do you know whether a company has the right culture for you?

    They answer all of these questions and more in our webinar below. They're also joined by Dan Webb (no relation to Tom!), Head of the BJSS Academy for graduates, apprentices, re-trainers and returners, for some information about the Academy programme.


    Struan McDonough – Software Engineer, BJSS

    Struan joined BJSS in 2019 as a full-stack developer. He has worked at a wide range of different companies including startups, large multi-nationals and creative studios. His passion is raising awareness about accessibility in design, and mentoring others through their career development.

    Ruth Berry – Software Engineer, BJSS

    Ruth joined BJSS as a Software Engineer through the academy in 2019. Since then, she has worked with BJSS on three large projects for the NHS, working as a full stack developer.

    Dan Webb - Head of Academy, BJSS

    Dan recently became the Head of Academy for BJSS, after being heavily involved with its re-organisation in 2019 and subsequent intakes. He joined in 2009 as a Technical Tester and still enjoys arguing with people about BDD.

    Tom Webb - Graduate Software Engineer, BJSS

    Tom joined BJSS in 2020 as a Graduate Software Engineer from an academic setting. Tom has a passion for software architecture and explorational software development (Spikes), to utilise the latest and greatest technologies.



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