We are open

Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen 
Head of SPARCK (BJSS Digital Consulting)

The world has been brought to a standstill by COVID-19. Borders shut, flights grounded, cities under lock-down.

At BJSS, we have rapidly transitioned all our teams into a distributed workforce that continues to deliver outstanding work for our clients. We did this to protect our people and our clients. We did it in a matter of days and without any loss of productivity.

We are as open now as we always have been!

It’s about Distributed Agility

It is no small feat to deliver such a radical change to the ways of working of more than 1,500 people.

We could do this seamlessly because our culture is fundamentally agile and adaptable at its core. Our people deliver change every day and this was no different. Across our business, people quickly established new routines to support the critical work they do for our clients.

Technology as a critical enabler

Having the right tools for the right job is more important than ever. Our teams have access to a wide range of tools so that they can deliver to all clients in every situation.

Remote collaboration

For our designers and consultants, collaboration and creativity is key. To support distributed workshops and remote Discoveries, we use virtual whiteboards and digital collaboration spaces:

Distributed development

For our developers and engineers, collaborative tracking of tasks and progress is important. We use tools such as Jira and Confluence to keep distributed teams in sync. 


Staying in touch with each other is always important, but even more so when working remotely. We use the latest video conferencing and messaging technologies to continue collaboration with our clients and across all our teams.


We are working with clients in some of the most regulated clients industries. We understand the requirements and compliance that is required – especially when teams are working remotely.

Our years of experience in data and cloud security mean that we are able to work securely and help our clients achieve effective and safe remote ways or working.

We deliver end-to-end solutions

Our clients have always had unique needs and we are proud to have always taken a bespoke approach when helping them. During this crisis, it remain central to our company and our culture. We are here to help them deliver their technology goals.

Recently, they have been involved in:

  • Designing strategies, products and service
  • Consulting on business management and change
  • Architected and developed tactical digital solutions
  • Run, optimised and scaled technology platforms
Here are a few examples:
  • We are helping a leading UK media company prototyping and building a data driven platform for insights to manage the financial impact of a radically changing content schedule.
  • We are helping a key public infrastructure organisation deliver data as a service to democratise access to insights and drive company-wide innovation.
  • We are delivering the NHS App, a core piece of the digital infrastructure that is being used heavily in the response to COVID.
  • We are redesigning a critical payments infrastructure and defining how teams interact with a complex service.
  • We are helping clients move to a distributed enterprise agile with teams working remotely.

We can help you with strategic projects or tactical needs to address urgent COVID or remote working challenges. Anything from keeping the lights on in the engine room of your tech stack, re-design your services to work for new online behaviours or to rapidly automate key processes.

Please email me or contact us for an initial discussion.