Many organisations are working towards net-zero goals, and eliminating the emissions from your own IT operations is a significant part of that.

    Cloud platforms providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer cleaner use of IT by helping organisations, and if used right, consume less hardware for running their workloads which means less electricity consumed. The only thing is, those cloud data centres still need electricity to power them.

    In this session, we discussed what the major cloud providers claim their data centres offer in terms of renewable energy usage, power usage effectiveness, and their transparency in enabling their customers to make informed sustainability choices. We shared our experience working with a client where BJSS helped them monitor, report, and action through effective cloud optimisation and automation to better meet their sustainability targets.


    Mohamed Zamzam

    Head of Cloud Migration Services and Head of AWS Alliance

    As Head of AWS Alliance, Mohamed works closely with BJSS’ Delivery, Consulting, Pre-sales and Capability Development Teams.

    Mohamed also leads the BJSS Cloud migration services value propositions to support clients in their adoption of cloud, and to fully maximise the business benefits that cloud can bring to meet their sustainability targets.

    Daniel Amini

    Head of Microsoft Technologies

    As Head of Microsoft Technologies at BJSS, Daniel works closely with BJSS’ Delivery, Consulting, Pre-sales and Capability Development Teams.

    Daniel's focus is to ensure that clients get the best possible solution when it comes to the migration and modernisation of their services to/in the cloud. He achieves this by working collaboratively with his AWS and GCP peers within Cloud and Managed Service.

    Olivier Subramanian

    Head of Cloud Advisory

    Olivier’s focus is to work with Enterprise customers to achieve strategic value from the public cloud, achieve successful agile transformations, and embed DevOps culture and practices.

    Olivier has significant experience in Strategy, Digital Transformation, Enterprise and IT Infrastructure consulting, technical leadership, project management, cloud, and DevOps technologies across several industry sectors.




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