Spotlight – Adam Oldfield

Technical Lead at BJSS


Adam Oldfield talks about working on big NHS projects and the benefits of not having strict job titles at BJSS.

I joined BJSS in 2007, after I finished my MEng in Computer Science. I started off as a graduate developer and I’ve gone on to become a senior developer. Over the years, I’ve worked on a variety of projects covering lots of BJSS clients, from Lloyds Banking Group, and in recent years I’ve been working on NHS projects. I was also recently made a Leeds Squad Lead, which means I provide support to a group of around 35 BJSS people (in addition to the support provided by line managers, capability leadership and project teams) to make sure they get the most out of their time here.

Working at BJSS

I’m currently the Technical Lead on the NHS e-Referral Service project (e-RS) and Technical Architect for the e-RS’ externally facing APIs. So, I’m responsible for running the team, helping steer and plan everything, and I’m also involved in technical quality, making planning and architectural decisions on all aspects of the e-RS project. I don’t do much coding day-to-day, but I do spend a lot of my time upholding code quality and supporting other team members.

Reducing pressure on the nhs at a time of huge strain

I’ve been on the e-RS project for a few years now and it’s interesting because there are lots of mini-projects that sit within it. For example, one thing we did recently was to enhance the system where primary care referrers (i.e., GPs) request advice and guidance from secondary care providers (i.e., hospital departments) for their patients. We created a system that allows referrers to pre-authorise an advice and guidance request, allowing the provider to immediately convert the request into a full referral if it’s deemed necessary. It essentially closes the loop on some of the admin – saving time and reducing unnecessary referrals to secondary care. At a time when the health service has been under enormous strain, this took some of the pressure off, and it’s something that’s used every single day.

What do you like about bjss

The best things about BJSS are the people and the general ethos of the business. Everybody is on a level. Of course, there is a hierarchy, but it’s not a firm thing, and there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to the MD or whoever. It’s kind of egoless. And because we don’t really have titles or things like that, you can find your own way and opportunities grow organically. There’s nothing holding you back at BJSS – it doesn’t matter what your background is, and you don’t have to have been here for X number of years to get to do certain things. If you’re capable and you’re doing a good job, you’ll get the opportunities.