Specsavers and BJSS have been collaborating since 2017 on some exciting strategic opportunities and they continue to strengthen the online customer experience along with introducing new technologies and ways of working.

    Both companies came together to talk about their shared experience in their eCommerce journey so far. They gave a glimpse into what the future looks like and insights into how they aim to achieve this together.

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    Aiden Vaines

    Aiden has been a BJSS Platform Engineer since 2019. He is focused on how digital services can solve our clients' challenges; leveraging what the cloud and good engineering practices can do to improve stability, flexibility and market value.

    He’s been with the BJSS-Specsavers engagement from the start of the journey and has experienced many of the challenges and the evolution of the service.

    Dan Morse

    Since joining BJSS in 2019 as a test engineer, the question of ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ has always been at the forefront of Dan’s mind. He is passionate about understanding problems, their solutions, and how teams can collaborate to create positive outcomes. Also the occasional cat interrupting a meeting.

    Outside of work he can be seen cycling up hills he should know better not to attempt.

    Stuart Bass

    Stuart joined BJSS in 2020 as a Technical Architect.

    He has worked in a number of roles through his career, working his way from developing software, to running development teams and latterly becoming an architect.

    A strong theme in his work for the last few years is implementing improved DevOps processes, with a focus on continuous deployment and delivery using Kubernetes and Azure.

    Dan Read

    Dan is the Head of Digital Delivery at Specsavers and owns the overall delivery of their services ranging from Specsavers eCommerce through to the online appointments offering.

    Dan has a strong passion for quality and strives for timely delivery, at pace for both customers and partners.

    Integral to the introduction of agile ways of working within Specsavers, he continues to work closely with our teams to ensure that communication and engagement remain key pillars in what we do.

    Luke Jones

    Luke joined BJSS in 2018 as a java developer and has worked in health and financial services before finding himself as a cell lead on the Specsavers project.

    He is a talented lead outside of software delivery and ran one of our Leeds squads before departing to our new Lisbon office.

    He is now a tech lead overseeing a number of teams on the project and continues to help develop others with his skills whilst continuing to be a strong leader in the delivery.



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