Digital City Festival 2021

We Love .gov

Tuesday 20th April 2021
16:00 – 17:00 GMT


We all know that the Government Service Standards provide the principles of building a good service… but what does this look like in practice?

Join us for this punchy, rapid-fire Q&A session – directed by you!

Our expert panel will offer a diverse perspective on the practical application of the Service Standards, whilst meeting user needs and delivering at pace.

At the start of the session, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on topics you’d like to hear about. Then our panellists will have just 5 minutes to talk about the most-voted for topic, before moving onto the next one, and the next one – until we run out of time!

Our bright SPACRKies will share insights, top tips and the things they wish they had known when they first started on Government projects!

Topics may include preparing for an assessment, persuading development teams to get involved in user research, convincing stakeholders to provide their input and many more.



Robert van Tol – Service Designer and Digital Consultant, SPARCK

Rob has 25 years experience in user centred design. He’s seen our profession grow from an afterthought to taking up a central place in software development that is transforming people’s lives.

Max Earp – Strategy Consultant, SPARCK

Max is a service designer and digital strategist at SPARCK who likes working on problems big and small, always making sure we’re solving problems for the real heroes – our users.

Rebecca Laycock – Digital Consultant and Head of User Research, SPARCK

Rebecca is an experienced Researcher with a background in Psychology and Neurology. She loves building new products and services that fulfil user needs and ensure the user is always kept at the centre.

Leonie Collier – Digital Consultant, SPARCK

Leonie is a Digital Consultant with years of media, retail and public sector experience. She joined SPARCK in 2018 and loves helping clients through digital transformation and understanding the valued of human-centred design.

Russell Johnson – Head of Product Design, SPARCK

Russ has been solving complex design problems since the early ‘oughts, having worked previously in public broadcasting, digital news platforms and online retail banking. Russ joined SPARCK in 2015.


This is an online event – Zoom Webinar.