Digital City Festival 2021

Service Design 101: What is ‘Service Design’ and why do we need it?


What is ‘Service Design’ and why do we need it? These are typical questions that Service Designers get asked every day. For those of us living and breathing Service Design its value is clear. But to delivery managers, stakeholders and people new to the concept, the approaches we take and the design ethos as a whole can understandably seem mysterious.

In this session, two of SPARCK’s senior Service Designers gave an overview of the practice. They shared their practical tips and insights, including…

  • How does Service Design add value
  • What’s our approach for designing services that work?
  • What skills do Service Designers need to have to be successful?

The audience heard the benefits of bringing Service Design into an organisation and why a ‘Service Design sandwich’ is so delicious!



Thaddeus Parsons – Service Design Practice Lead, SPARCK

A passionate proponent of user-centred design thinking and an experienced strategic design consultant and Service Designer with over 20 years digital media experience. 

He is a believer in understanding the bigger picture and joining the dots in innovative ways to enable organisations to better serve their customers. Curious about people and technology, he is always looking to understand how they can best work together.

When he’s not at his day job he can usually be found geeking out over something else or finding new ways to keep his kids entertained during lockdown.


Stephen Salhany – Senior Service Designer, BJSS

Stephen is passionate about ‘designing the right things and then delivering them right’ (as the saying goes).

Bringing a holistic approach and people centric focus to designing great services has been a culmination of 20 years of software and digital service development experience.

Stephen brings with him his endless curiosity and desire to improve the way we interact with organisations and their tools and interfaces. When he is not helping to mentor other Service Designers or coaching start-ups on how to use design in all aspects of what they do, Stephen is dreaming about skiing (when not actually skiing, of course) or trying to teach his kids how to ski (if they let him).