Introducing BJSS’ approach to business change during a time of crisis


Adam Roche
Content Specialist

There is no hiding from the impact that COVID-19 is having on the private and public sectors. Whole operating models have been turned on their heads, and revenues are dwindling. It feels like there is no let-up. No light at the end of the tunnel.

It makes for uncomfortable reading, seeing organisations buckle under the strain of the crisis. We’ve already seen the collapse of the already fragile Flybe, Debenhams and Laura Ashley, to name a few. Yet we’re only in the supposed first wave of the pandemic. The coronavirus is not going to disappear suddenly. And with no vaccine on the horizon for at least another 12 months, things could be difficult for quite some time.

Having said this now is not the time to accept defeat. And to inject a bit of optimism (not of the disinfectant kind!) into the situation, we truly believe that we can beat this crisis together.

At BJSS, we have adopted three phases of change – Recover, Regroup and Renew – which we believe will aid survival and foster a quicker rebound. By following this approach and making the necessary changes, we’ve already started to see the business benefits as have our clients across the energy, government, retail, health, and financial services industries, who have begun to follow our approach.

In keeping with our continued belief of sharing our learnings, we’re using this time to provide commentary around how we’re adopting these phases, what the lessons learnt are and how we’ve benefitted. We hope these learnings are of value to your organisations, not just during the pandemic but for any crisis in the years to come.

Before I share the details of how you can follow our COVID-19 story, let’s explore the Recover, Regroup and Renew phases in more detail.

A recipe for surviving and thriving

The Recover, Regroup and Renew phases should be carried out in that order. As a business, BJSS has now started to transition into the Regroup phase. But don’t worry, there’s still time for you to work through these phases from the start.

Here’s an overview of each phase and how you could look to introduce them to your business:

  • Recover – The first phase of the process. Once the crisis has been recognised, the crucial objective here is to move quickly to keep the lights on. Structures, processes and technology will have to change at this point to decrease costs, maintain customer service standards, safeguard governance and ensure business continuity. For BJSS, we must continue to deliver for our clients in a remote setting. One of the tactics we introduced during this phase was the use of remote discoveries – which you can find out more about here.
  • Regroup – The second phase of the process in which you need to start preparing for the ‘new normal’ once the lockdown has lifted. Focus on looking to restore operations and readying your business for growth and a technology-led resurgence post-lockdown. We’re already starting to see several organisations jump-start their operations again and re-enter the market with a new digital guise. How can you evolve your business to cater to the socially distanced market and workforce?
  • Renew – The third and final phase. It is here where you’ll need to focus on business growth by opening up new revenue streams. What new products and services could you introduce to ensure resilience in the event of another crisis? How could you use automation technology to streamline your operations and differentiate your offering? We’ll see lots of organisations at this stage, return to the market with a whole new look and feel and for some businesses, this could trigger the change they’ve needed for quite some time.

Keep up to date with our journey

As we move through the Recover, Regroup, and Renew phases, you can keep up to date with our lessons learnt, and find out how to integrate some of our practices into your workplace. Visit, for our latest industry insights, podcasts and best practice guides.

All of our content is ungated and free for you to access. But if you’d like some more guidance around our three phases of change, please feel free to contact us.

There is no doubt that this pandemic has brought and continues to generate a great deal of uncertainty. But by sharing our learnings, we are confident that we can beat this together and come back even stronger.