Digital City Festival 2021

The Manchester Carbon Zero Hackathon: How do we harness technology to advance Manchester’s Carbon Zero Strategy?

Saturday 17th April 2021
09:00 – 17:00 GMT


Join the BJSS Hackathon where we will be tackling the Carbon Zero Strategy in Manchester against the clock.

The Hackathon will be part of the Manchester Digital City Festival and we will be inviting people from all technical abilities and industries to get to grips with this topic.

Manchester declared a climate emergency in 2019 and wanted to lead by example by committing to make Manchester a zero carbon city by 2038.

The national target is 2050 and Manchester aims to get there 12 years before the entire nation, which is a huge challenge.

Throw off the confines of the day job and get together with a motivated team for the day. Working towards a common goal, you will be able to learn new technology and try things you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to, learning from BJSS’ highly experienced technical people.

We aim to provide support to the community and the city by creating a solution to digitally transform the way we get to Carbon Zero, focusing on the below areas:

  • Carbon literacy: Getting individuals, households and businesses to understand carbon use and reduction.
  • Travel and transport: Transport was trending toward the top of CO2 emitters in our city. Pandemic has seen empty streets and an uptake in walking and cycling and a re-think of travel. How can we capitalise on this for zero carbon?
  • Skills and training: Zero carbon requires changes to the way we live. An example is a large need to retrofit homes for energy efficiency which is driving cross-training programmes for people outside of the traditional construction.

This will be an 8-hour hackathon, but don’t worry, we will be introducing our teams two weeks before so that you can start discussing the challenge and get to know each other beforehand.

We are also organising a separate awards ceremony, where we will be joined by expert judges and the winning team will receive a prize.

Registration will close on Thursday 1st April in order for us to have enough time to put the teams together and to introduce you all, so register now to secure your place!



This is an online event – Zoom Webinar.