The virtual festival is taking place this month, and we’ll be hosting these free to attend online events. Later in the year we’ll be back with the physical festival to celebrate all things digital.


Lauren is motivated by finding innovative but safe ways to stretch the NHS and Social Care’s sparse resources, striving to secure equality and equity for citizens to manage their health and wellbeing and that of their loved ones

Failed and Successful stories with Technical Debt

I’m sharing my failed and successful attempts dealing with technical debt in three different countries and different contexts. Each time I was on a different role and my perspective was different, but in every case, I needed to deal with technical debt.

Leading Your People Through Change: From Rapid Recovery to Regrouping & Renewing

 Your business is changing. How do you prepare your staff for what’s next as you move from ‘recover’ to ‘regroup’, and eventually ‘renew’?

Design Thinking Dad

 In this talk, Design Thinking Dad (DTD) will share what he learned and show how armed with only an abundant supply of post-it notes, he’s using Design Thinking at work to empower creative teams and in his personal life to tackle the everyday challenges of being a parent.

The Art of Influencing People

 Influence is rooted in emotional intelligence. In this session we will explore the mechanisms behind emotional intelligence, why it is important in the workplace, and how we can develop it ourselves.

Yes. We. Can. (Think like Service Designers)

 Yes. We. Can. These are three words that we want you to be chanting by the end of this fast-paced and interactive session, where it’s our job to convince you that we can all think like Service Designers.

How to overcome your fears to become a Conference Speaker

I will share with you how I managed to speak at events across Europe and US, and how thanks to the advice from other speakers and mentors, I manage to overcome my fears and limitations.

Imposter Syndrome

 Come along to this session for Smilyan to talk through his experiences with imposter syndrome, the common symptoms and ways to overcome it. This talk will be followed by a discussion session, where others can share their experiences and tips for dealing with it.

UI Podcast

 It’s a small world after all – the good, the bad and the ugly of working with international teams and organisations. The BJSS UI Podcast team bring voices from around the world (well, Yorkshire, New York and Houston) to a live virtual studio audience.

The Journey to Digital Transformation

 During this talk I’ll share some of the more common challenges that I see organisations facing in their journey to digital transformation and propose some tips on how to unlock them.

Agile Surgery – High performing, diversely located Agile Teams

The next edition of our Agile Surgery is a virtual discussion around how successful and high performing, diversely located agile teams can be. We’ll consider the tools to use, the roles and responsibilities of each attendee and how to ensure you achieve quality outcomes.