Our Mission is to help organisations rapidly identify and deliver value from emerging technology (AI, Blockchain, IoT) and data

Technology, the use of data and great customer-centred design is driving business change at an ever-increasing rate. New products, services and business models are emerging daily. Staying relevant to customers, improving efficiency and growing revenues is the key to business success.

We work with senior level leaders to quickly understand the needs of customers and employees, create innovative ideas and test them out by building light-weight working prototypes.

We have a tried and tested Design Thinking approach that enables our clients to work with velocity, agility and a focus on value. Our two week Innovation Sprints are designed to answer critical business questions and develop new ideas through research, ideation and workshopping. Whilst our fast paced Alphas test & evolve those ideas through rapid prototyping. Pinpointing the best opportunities, clarifying the constraints and validating the business case and delivery plan.

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London, 25 October 2018


Build a bot you’d be happy to employ

What can you realistically do to influence your chatbot’s personality? How do you decide what characteristics it should have? And how do you manifest it in the things it does and says? When a person is described as having a strong personality it often...

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