This >$5Bn global management consultancy operates within 80 different countries, providing strategic advisory services. The company has developed a range of software products in support of its advisory services, which provide additional insight to their clients about their organisation, marketing and sales based on the analysis of large amounts of business data.

The client has traditionally outsourced the design, delivery and support of these solutions to a range of third-party vendors. Over time, this approach had resulted in a variety of toolchains being used, variable quality, poor flexibility and responsiveness and an unacceptable degree of vendor lock-in.


The management consultancy engaged BJSS to assess the current state of the global product delivery process, both within its organisation and with vendors in order to devise a roadmap to a unified Agile and DevOps delivery approach.

Given BJSS’ strong credentials in Agile project delivery, the client asked BJSS to develop and execute a Discovery plan, based on its proven Agile Capability Maturity Matrix (CMM).

Establishing a suitable DevOps delivery framework

During this Discovery phase, BJSS assessed the management consultancy and its suppliers. Following the workshops with key stakeholders from the client, priority target areas were agreed, and current organisational capability within the 20 components of the CMM were explored. Structured interviews and detailed programme reviews spanning People, Processes and Tools provided a detailed analysis of the current state, together with detailed recommendations for improvements.

BJSS supported the development of a business case for a programme of work to deliver the transformation to an Agile product delivery organisation with a unified supporting process and toolchain.

Following the approval of the business case, a programme of work to deliver a suitable Agile/DevOps delivery framework was defined. BJSS provided thought leadership in the areas of Infrastructure provisioning, security and authentication, SDLC, code management and QA testing.

Four workstreams were established:

  • A programme management and governance model
  • Environments and tooling
  • Assurance
  • Agile planning and requirements

The programme was led by senior BJSS programme delivery and technical architecture consultants, working with the client and vendor teams to define and provide the new approach using on-going product delivery activities.


Initial implementations have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Agile approach in improving the responsiveness of vendors to dynamic requirements from the management consultancy’s clients while improving delivery quality.

The increased consistency of the toolchain and Cloud environments have provided additional productivity gains, enabling the client to accommodate the demand for a wider range of products and to support increased customisation on a per-client basis.