Do you want to know how kids are using the internet in 2021?

    Not only have internet technologies progressed over the years, but the way the internet is being consumed has massively changed. From SnapChat to TikTok, Joe Thornton showed us how youngsters from this generation are using the internet in ways we wouldn’t have imagined.

    Following Joe was a talk on augmented reality with JavaScript. Anyone who has heard John Bower talk before knows they are in for a treat. He is knowledgeable, creative and entertaining. He can bend web technologies to make the most compelling interactive experiences. In this session, he focused on Augmented Reality and showed us how JavaScript can be used to create exciting extensions of real life!

    The day was open to all, and we encouraged technical and non-technical people of all kinds to participate. We wanted to inspire the creation of tools, processes, and anthing else, that will improve access to websites for all people.

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    John Bower

    John Bower is a Principal Engineer at Covéa. A talented developer who has a vast range of skills from games design, native mobile development and even enterprise software engineering using AI at the likes of Sky and Covea. John is extremely entertaining, knowledgeable and is able to teach how to create immersive experiences using web technologies and how to push JavaScript to its limits.

    Joe Thornton

    Joe has worked in a variety of technical roles at BJSS since 2021. In that time he has worked for banks and other financial bodies, several media companies, eCommerce platforms, online betting companies and the NHS. His main focus and passion is building engaging user-focused applications as well as the mechanics of what makes a well-functioning delivery team. He has dabbled with many programming languages in the past including c#, java and a smattering of Python, but his main focus is on JavaScript and its many frameworks. 

    Joe acts as the Development Capability Lead for BJSS Leeds, encouraging good communities of practice amongst our many and varied technologists through blogs, talks, recruitment practices and mentoring. His secret is that he doesn't really like computers, being much more comfortable around books and ancient paintings, but loves the things that they let people do. 




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