Improved customer journeys through simplified interactions and faster processes


Optimising your processes with Intelligent Automation.

We work with clients to identify and deliver optimal value for their organisations by rapidly implementing Intelligent Process Automation, no matter where you are on your automation journey.

Thinking about implementing RPA?

Our approach will assess and challenge whether you need to invest in an RPA licence, or whether we can deliver the better results in a shorter space of time and at a lower cost using a range of tools.

Didn’t achieve the results you hoped for with Robotic Process Automation?

We can get more value from your RPA processes using IPA, ensuring that you can maximise your investment in RPA technologies to date by enhancing your end to end processes with AI.

Truly independent advice

Change Management

Automation impacts culture and workforce. We work collaboratively to successfully implement and manage these changes.

Technology Agnostic

We design and deliver the optimal solution


Outcome Focused

Automation shouldn’t focus on reducing FTE, instead on augmenting your workforce with automation

No License Fees

We don’t believe in license fees to achieve automation


Upskilled Teams

Build internal capabilities and be empowered
to rely less on 3rd parties

Our agnostic approach allows us to focus on designing and delivering the right solution for your organisation, your employees and your customers – without the licence fees associated with RPA.


We understand that automation impacts your culture and workforce so we work collaboratively to manage the impact of change within your organisation. We combine our many years of experience in process improvement and re-engineering with Machine Learning in order to optimise your workflows.

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Enhanced Customer Value


Process Visibility


Multi Language Support


Cost Savings


One of the biggest hurdles is getting started

Our six-week programme includes an IPA assessment and the development of a bespoke IPA prototype. This affordable approach focuses on collaboratively assessing where IPA can drive maximum value by rapidly bringing the concept to life and validating the business case.

Over the six week period you’ll have:

  • Dedicated access to experienced BJSS project professionals, including an AI Consultants, Business Analysts, Developers, and Data Scientists
  • An assessment of where you are on your automation journey and creating an actionable roadmap that aligns to your vision and aims for automation
  • An understanding on how to maximise your existing investments in process engineering, workflow and RPA technologies
  • A user-centric approach that involves people from across the business to identify high value areas that enables us to free up your workforce from frustrating, repetitive and manual tasks so that they can better use their skills and knowledge within your organisation