Skills for Life - Apprenticeships at BJSS

    By Rosie Pickersgill, Academy Manager, BJSS

    Rosie Pickersgill

    BJSS is proud to provide individuals with skills for life, supporting their professional and technical development through the BJSS Academy. We value the positive impact our apprentices make at BJSS, so we asked how they've found their experience and what they’d recommend to any future apprentices within BJSS or the wider tech industry, as well as some of the projects they’ve been working on during their time here. First, let’s find out more about what the BJSS Academy.

    What is the BJSS Academy

    The BJSS Academy supports our early careers pathways into BJSS, from apprentices and graduates to returners and career switchers. Our Software Engineering Apprentices go through an ‘introduction to programming’ syllabus covering all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, followed by a lengthy project exploring the world of Java (amongst other technologies) with our Academy Lead.

    Alan Mellor, Academy Lead said: “It’s an incredibly intense programme of work to get apprentices used to different technologies and ever-changing requirements, it sets them up for project work once they’ve learnt the fundamentals.”

    Hear from our Apprentices

    We spoke with our apprentices to learn more about their experience before joining BJSS as a Software Engineering Apprentice. Our team is made up of people from project management backgrounds to school leavers and social workers who all share the same desire of becoming engineers and working in the tech industry. We asked Michael why he chose to do an apprenticeship:

    “I felt I knew what career path I wanted to pursue and believed gaining real-world experience would benefit me more than learning from a broad course at university. I’m a kinaesthetic learner, I need to be doing something, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to work and learn at the same time.”

    Michael – Apprentice Engineer

    Michael has gone on to work with a major client, picking up developer work and gaining valuable knowledge and experience with complex codebases.

    BJSS uses several different providers to deliver its apprenticeships that always have one common goal, to support the apprentice with personal and professional development.

    Phil (Level 4 Software Engineering Apprentice) spoke about how supported he felt, from the recruitment phase right through to onboarding and now in the project team:

    “The team at BJSS made sure I was updated throughout the recruitment process. Onboarding was incredible and BJSS even invited us all to the Manchester office to join a two-day induction, social evening, and opportunity to meet the cohort and leadership team members. Since joining the project team, everyone is so helpful and I’m getting all the support I need for project and completing my apprenticeship.”

    Advice from our Apprentices

    We asked some of our current apprentices what advice they would give to other aspiring apprentices.

    Matthew (L4 – Software Engineering) said: “Always ask questions, be a curious sponge, you’ll be working with the best in the business who are there to support you and that curiosity will solve your difficult problems. Everyone gives their time to support so don’t feel as though you can’t use it.”

    Ben (L4 – Software Engineering) said: “Try lots of things, throw yourself into your project, and get involved outside of project work too. BJSS is great for going above and beyond, whether that’s CSR initiatives, supporting with the Academy or generally socialising with colleagues, there is always something to do!”

    Jon (L4 – Software Engineering) said: “The opportunities at BJSS are incredible, working with fantastic clients and apprenticeship providers. They dedicate so much time to training and I’ve felt supported throughout my apprenticeship. Take that time but also consider your apprenticeship work, you’ll have enough time on project to complete it so keep on top of it!”

    What's New for 2023?

    This year, launching in April, BJSS is proud to announce a new L6 Degree Apprenticeship for 12 individuals who will be based out of our London, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, and Bristol offices. Their degree will give them a BSc Hons Digital and Technology Solution at the end of their 39-month programme. We’re working in partnership with Multiverse to equip the next generation with the skills and professional development to become fantastic consultants. Find out more about our latest apprenticeship investment here.

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