Digital roadside payments

In collaboration with BJSS, the DVSA has modernised its process of collecting roadside Fixed Penalty Notices. Processing times have been reduced by two thirds in comparison to the legacy process. As a result, roadside interactions have been reduced by 3,500-hours a year – giving examiners more time to conduct inspections. 

The new roadside payment solution, developed by BJSS, replaces an arduous payment process whereby examiners would collect payments using Chip and Pin devices or cash collection. The modernised mobile solution – based on WiFi, 4G, 3G and EDGE – eradicates the connectivity challenges attached to the chip and pin devices and removes the risks associated with cash collection. Now more than ever, DVSA examiners feel enabled to do their job and morale has improved significantly. By conducting more inspections, the agency has successfully collected over £1m in fines, while improving employee efficiency and safety.