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About the Role

  • We are looking for fullstack Java and JavaScript developers to join our teams across the UK.
  • You’ll work as part of our Software Engineering community, which is there to share ideas, working practices and provide support as and when required.
  • You’ll engage directly with the clients across a wide range of sectors, working in multi-disciplined agile delivery teams.
  • Not from a Java or Javascript background? Don’t worry. We also have clients working with Python, .Net and PHP so we’d still love to hear from you.


About You

  • You’ll be an engineer at heart and enjoy the challenge that comes with building complex software solutions.
  • You’ll have a desire to work across various tech environments. Your priorities will be building new systems and improving stability, security and efficiency.
  • You’ll need to have experience in operating in an Agile environment and a working knowledge in areas such as CI/CD, build pipelines, testing and architecture.
  • Of course, we expect you to have a good understanding of computing fundamentals (e.g. logic, data structures, algorithms, low-level architecture, networks stack) along with strong software design skills, including OO, and knowledge of version control systems such as Git.



  • UK: London / Manchester / Leeds / Bristol / Nottingham / Glasgow / Birmingham / Edinburgh
  • USA: New York / Houston



Apply now

Find out more about the role. Don’t worry if you think you’re short of the skills we’re looking for. We have plenty of roles available for people with all levels of experience.

Assessment & Interview

We might ask you to complete an online assessment and schedule a chat. If we both agree that we’re a great match for each other, we’ll get you to meet the team.

Welcome to BJSS

After we meet, if we still think that we’re a great match for each other, we’ll make you an offer. We promise it won’t be long before you hear from us. Our talent team will be on hand to answer any of your questions.



BJSS is about its people – all 1,500 of them. Over the last 26 years, we’ve worked with the world’s largest organisations, delivering IT solutions that millions of people use every day.

We build complex, impactful and exciting solutions across different industries, which are used by millions of people all over the UK. Whenever you book an online appointment with your GP; or when you receive a reminder to take your car in for an MOT to your garage, you are using some of our products. Our Engineers have built the systems that makes this stuff happen and so much more.

We love to experiment with the latest tools, technologies and techniques to improve how we deliver our solutions. We’re building communities of strong, diverse, and creative people who thrive in high-performance environments, where delivery quality is key.




Previous role: In-house Developer
Leeds, UK

“I love the flexible working environment here. I’m able to customise it to suit my needs.”


Previous role: IT Consultant
London, UK

“People here are talented and fun to work with. I’m learning new technology and tools.”


Previous role: In-house Developer
London, UK

“At BJSS, I’m getting a chance to learn new stuff and work on exciting projects.”


ITV: Processing talent payments

BJSS was engaged to build a robust yet flexible payment system that manages payments for talent and contributors across the entertainment industry.

Working collaboratively with ITV, the new application was built, tested and deployed using a continuous delivery pipeline and using the latest versions of angular for the front end and Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) virtual machines. The application was broken up into a series of microservices deployed on EC2 instances, allowing for each to be developed and tested in isolation before integration into the full solution

By using Agile ways of working, BJSS built basic functionalities, enabling pay-out for ITV productions. This was followed by an ‘ExpressPay’ phase, for payment of short-form contracts. The application is fault tolerant and spread out across multiple Availability Zones.

NHS Spine: Saving people's lives through technology

BJSS worked collaboratively with the NHS Digital team to re-architect, re-engineer and rebuild Spine, using primarily Python and Riak along with Splunk for logging and monitoring. The system benefits from a resilient, scalable, distributed architecture and NoSQL storage.

It uses Open Source products, including Redis, Tornado and RabbitMQ. They deliver significant capital and operational cost savings for the NHS and eliminate vendor lock-in. The NHS saves over £25 million per year in running costs.

Spine 2, which is part of the NHS national infrastructure, supports up to 47 million transactions per day and is used and supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by 500,000 healthcare professionals. It allows information to be shared securely through national services such as the Electronic Prescription Service, Summary Care Records and the e-Referral Service.


Financial Services


Commodities and Utilities

Healthcare & Public Sector


The rewards structure at BJSS is designed to work around your individual needs and to support your personal, career and work-life ambitions.

Exciting and diverse projects, with various tech stacks

Lunch & Learns, Tech Talks, and Coding Challenges

Flexible working hours and a good work-life balance

Secondment opportunities between the UK and the USA

Work with fresh thinkers and learn from our experts

Help with professional and industry certification

Fully stocked kitchen with free treats, food and drinks

Competitive salary and rewards structure



Can I work remotely?

Yes, we value work-life balance and have a flexible working policy, so you can work remotely as long as your team and your client are ok with it.

What are your ways of working?

We like working collaboratively, which means you will always be part of a team. Depending on the project, the type expertise of your teammates will vary, but you’ll usually work with Business Analysts, UXers, Testers and delivery managers, to name a few.

What career and development opportunities do you offer?

People progression is very high on our agenda. Over the past year, we have formed a dedicated Learning & Development team. We strongly encourage all of our engineers to ‘upskill’ at any given opportunity. You will sit in a cross functional squad and your Squad Lead will work with you on yourself development.

Will I have to travel?

With BJSS offices throughout the UK, you’re likely to be working on clients based on commuting distance from your respective BJSS office. However, although it is not the norm, some projects may require you to travel.

Do you have a flexible-hours policy?

Since we work closely with our clients, we need to adhere to their working hours. However, we value work-life balance and have a flexible working policy, so you never miss a doctor appointment, kids pick up time or a visit from your plumber when most needed.

How big are your software engineering teams?

This really varies from client to client. Currently, our biggest team of developers for one client is over 40 while our smallest starts from 1 developer, representing the BJSS Software Engineers community.

Can I bring my own device?

Due to the sensitivity of the information we work with, bringing your own device is not allowed. We provide a Dell Latitude, 16GB (Can be upgraded to 32GB if required) Intel i7 Core Processor. Macbooks can also be made available as required.

Will I only be working within particular sectors?

No. You’ll get exposure across a wide range of sectors, working in multi-disciplined agile delivery teams and with different technologies and technical environments.

How often do you do cool out-of-hours projects?

We encourage our Software Engineer community to get involved in as many cool out-of-hours projects, like hackathons, as your client work will allow. We’ll provide you all the tools and space needed, it is up to you to make it happen!