As organisations face the challenge of how to decarbonise and achieve net goals, BJSS held discussions surrounding creating responsible tech and its sustainability approach. There were two short talks: Sustainability by Design, and Designing Technology is Designing Society.

    Sustainability by Design

    BJSS has developed an approach that bakes sustainability considerations into each stage of the design lifecycle and value chain. This talk looked at BJSS' unique sustainability proposition and how this can help you on your net zero journey to drive out waste.

    Designing Technology is Designing Society

    Technology is a part of everything we do. When technologists design products they make choices that affect many peoples' lives in expected and unexpected ways. This talk looked into what responsible technology is and why it’s important to be aware of the effect products and services have on society.

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    Colin Cripps

    Colin is a Technology Consultant with a background in analysis, digital design and agile delivery. He is working in operations transformation and sustainability. He has a passion for responsible tech delivery, human-centred design, and making sure products and services work for everyone.

    Joe Murray

    Joe is a Principal Consultant with many years of experience leading complex transformation programmes and portfolios across a variety of sectors. He currently leads the operations transformation and sustainability practice at BJSS.




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