By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human

One of the biggest hurdles is getting started

Our three week Conversational AI Accelerator rapidly validates business value. It’s an affordable programme that proves the suitability of conversational AI in your organisation. And it provides a roadmap to ensure long-term impact too.

A free to use framework

Saves >6 weeks delivery time and >£400k investment spend


The Conversational AI Frameworks includes predefined processes, tools and technologies. It enables high-value prototypes to be quickly developed. It is private-by-design, is free to use and it trains teams to develop in-house.

Vendor Agnostic
Multi Language Support
Omnichannel - Including Voice
Rich conversational flow builder
BOT Health Module
Rapid deploy to cloud
Conversational CMS
Rapidly build, test, deploy
Assisted Learning module
Sentiment Analysis

Easily Integrated

Many of the largest communities supported out of the box