Truth through insight.

Trust through delivery.

The one true certainty for retail is that the change will be continual.

This has never been more apparent than in today’s contracting market, with there now being increasingly little room for sameness. We separate ourselves from the competition through our values, pragmatism and Agile delivery.

Strategy & Innovation

Greater differentiation and relevancy by combining the best customer experience with deeper insight, integrated operating models and greater organisational intelligence.


Consumers want to buy from sustainable brands. We help transform retailers into market leaders, developing, testing and implementing sustainability strategies.

Digital Excellence

We connect the most relevant insights across digital, online and offline touchpoints so better decisions can be made. Faster.

Lean Operations

We help retailers to do more with less. We help to drive retailers forward, boosting their bottom line and working with them to solving the critical challenges that cause the biggest headaches.

Data & Analytics

Stop guesstimating. Take returns; there are huge improvements that can be made to the bottom line just by improving the rate of returns by just 1%. We help achieve this.

To remain truly competitive and relevant, retailers need to adapt. We fundamentally believe that there is no textbook approach or solution to achieve this nor that a glossy and expensively produced PowerPoint is going to help you deliver it.

Our retail team creates client specific solutions to help retailers differentiate. They enable first-mover advantage in an increasingly competitive global market.

  • We’re experts in our chosen fields and understand how to leverage innovation and creativity to create a true, competitive advantage.
  • We harness innovation and technology-enabled solutions to accelerate business disruption and enhance agility.
  • We know the bottom line is important and that results are only delivered with true collaboration. We balance quick wins whilst achieving long-term sustainable success.


Insight from BJSS Business Consulting


Assessing London’s store scene and comparing it to New York’s finest

Assessing London’s store scene and comparing it to New York’s finest


Additional Research from BJSS

Concrete Comparisons

Assessing New York’s newest and most innovative retail concepts

Monitoring the Middle East

Reviewing the latest retail trends & developments in the Middle East