Truth through insight.

Trust through delivery.

Financial Service companies need to change their operating models to be able to respond to constant changes in technology and be part of an eco-system that helps them delivery real value and competitive strength.

Customer Journey Transformation

Collaboratively developing ideas that are rapidly tested and iterated. Creates sleeker and more convenient customer journeys that attract customers and create in operational efficiencies.

Open Banking

The potential of generating revenue from PSD2 and Open Banking is largely untapped. BJSS provides compelling use cases that leverage existing PSD2 technology investments and are delivered iteratively.

Intelligent Process Automation

Automating customer experience through enhancements to robotic processes and Machine Learning capabilities will deliver greater automation and business value. BJSS has the experience and expertise.

Artificial Intelligence

From Chatbots to voice-only banking and Machine Learning, BJSS delivers scalable AI solutions that helps clients to improve insights and data accuracy, grow revenue and improve efficiency.

Financial Service organisations will only survive if they change their operating model and focus on reaching out to their target customers with convenient and relevant products and services that are integrated into end-customer journeys.

Additionally, organisations must develop unrivalled technology platforms that require minimal back-office FTE resources.

Our Financial Services team is passionate about driving value from technology so that BJSS’s clients can enable their customers make better financial decisions. We are:

  • A team with extensive experience in Financial Services, who understand how to leverage innovation and technology to create value
  • The BJSS FS team supports FS clients across the entire value chain ranging from proof of concepts, developing alpha/beta solutions all the way to full business transformation using our Enterprise AgileTM approach
  • The FS practice in BJSS focuses on delivering value from the technology that is being developed resulting in outcomes that are boosting the bottom line.


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