Every business experiences unique challenges – solutions must be relevant and adapt to the environment. We support clients with broad capabilities, deep business insight and a culture of innovation.

Whether our clients are looking to prepare for growth, reduce costs or realise their digital ambitions, BJSS has the necessary skills and experience to make things happen.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team of industry specialists, strategists, technologists, digital designers, innovators and disruptive thinkers. We are passionate about creating the future of Retail, Energy and Financial Services industries.


We’re pragmatists and innovators who work at the intersection between technology and business. We think and we do differently. We bring business insight from the outset as well as know-how. There are no barriers. We work and we succeed as one team.

Our reward is your trust, founded in delivery, secured by outcomes.

Working with us

Today’s business challenges require hybrid teams to solve them. The old divisions between strategy and execution, technology and business make no sense today. This requires unique talent, experience and culture. Underpinned by trust and strong relationships.

We work hard but we also like to enjoy ourselves and we want you to as well. We’ll celebrate success with you and push ourselves along the way so that we can all savour those special moments when we get there.

Our clients tell us they’re looking for a different relationship with their consulting partner. It starts with the truth and results in trust.

Truth is about insight. Joining the dots. Getting to the heart of the matter quickly. Telling it like it is and how it will be.

Trust has to be earned and we think there’s no better way than successfully delivering a great outcome for our clients.

Programme Health & Governance

Transformation programmes can be complex and extremely challenging to execute.

We work with clients to ensure that they are clear on their goals, have a strategy and plan that aligns to their vision, and the correct agile governance framework within which to operate and be successful.

Business Case & Benefits Tracking

Organisations seeking to effect real change require a clear articulation of their business case, costs and expected benefits.

Our agile approach provides the rigour and control required to recognise and course correct if benefits are not materialising before it is too late – the reason that so many programmes fail.

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication

As organisations plan and execute transformation programmes it is imperative they have a clear understanding of their stakeholders both internal and external to the organisation.

We work with clients to identify, engage and effectively communicate with them to ensure buy-in and support through the programme lifecycle.

Training & Support

Change can be daunting. When organisations embark on transformation programmes they must ensure they have the tools and methods in place to prepare their people and ensure they are supported throughout the journey.

Our approach equips users with the training and support they need to excel.

Organisational & Cultural Change

Organisational and cultural change can be challenging both to define and sustain.

Programmes can fail due to lack of attention upfront which makes course correction far more complex. We work with our clients to articulate the impacts, support their people and embed a culture of sustainable change.

Business Deployment & User Adoption

Organisations can spend millions on systems that will never get fully utilised and thus never deliver the intended benefits. Combined with a reluctant workforce, this creates an expensive problem.

Our approach ensures the deployment of effective change to ready and willing users.