Every business experiences unique challenges – solutions must be relevant and adapt to the environment. We support clients with broad capabilities, deep business insight and a culture of innovation.

BJSS Business Consultants help clients implement their business strategy and achieve their business objectives.

Whether our clients are looking to prepare for growth, reduce costs or realise their digital ambitions, BJSS has the necessary skills and experience to make things happen.

We build a tailored team for every engagement – clients often request consultants who understand their business, can bring innovative digital thinking and have practical experience of the newest and most exciting technologies. This helps accelerate and de-risk the path from ‘idea’ to ‘value’.

We believe that great ideas should stretch boundaries but be realistic and achievable, so our multi-disciplinary teams help avoid any nasty surprises.

Whether it’s rewriting core systems, building new front-ends, achieving quick wins, recouping long term investment or simply deciding which opportunities and options to appraise, careful consideration – based on experience – is required. It’s often not just a technical rewrite, we make sure our clients create the right business focussed applications which often include technical and business opportunity evaluation, service design, the strategy to drive forward and understanding the practicalities of their transformation agenda

Focused on three business sectors: Retail, Energy and Financial Services

Our consultants have typically built their expertise through careers in industry and in consulting. All have deep sector and technology expertise across products, operations and platforms. We help our clients to optimise processes, built compelling customer experiences and digitise their businesses.