Truth through insight.

Trust through delivery.

Grant Thomas
Founder, BJSS Business Consulting

BJSS has a history of building enduring client relationships.

Business Consulting continues this tradition of enduring client relationships by fostering non-transactional partnerships with the businesses we work with.

We believe that every client has the right to expect value from the very first contact and to experience this value-add at every interaction with us. We call it TruthTrust.

Our practice areas:
We’re pragmatists and innovators who work at the intersection between technology and business.

Today’s business challenges require hybrid teams to solve them. The old divisions between strategy and execution, technology and business make no sense today. This requires unique talent, experience and culture. Underpinned by trust and strong relationships.

We think and we do differently. We bring business insight from the outset as well as know-how. There are no barriers. We work and we succeed as one team. Our reward is your trust, founded in delivery, secured by outcomes. We work hard but we also like to enjoy ourselves and we want you to as well. We’ll celebrate success with you and push ourselves along the way so that we can all savour those special moments when we get there.

Insight from BJSS Business Consulting