GDS Services Week

Building a modern data platform with Homes England


In this session Homes England and BJSS discussed their partnership together, focusing on their effort to build a secure, scalable data platform that will better serve the needs of users from across the entire Homes England organisation.

We discussed why data plays such an important role within the Homes England ecosystem, and the key drivers behind the move to a new data platform.

We also spoke about how Homes England and BJSS were able to establish a successful partnership despite the remote nature of the delivery, shared insight into the work delivered to date, touched on the future phases of this delivery and discussed how Microsoft technologies have helped us on our journey so far.



Sarah Slack – Assistant Director of Delivery, Homes England

Sarah has extensive experience of digital delivery with the UK Public Sector, and joined Homes England as Assistant Director of Delivery in September 2019.

Richard Browne – Assistant Director of Data, Homes England

Richard joined Homes England in June 2020 as Assistant Director of Data. Richard is responsible for spearheading Homes England’s data strategy and plays a fundamental role in the way that data is shared, and used across the organisation.

Ben Cooper – Client Principal, BJSS

Ben joined BJSS in July 2020, and works with a number of BJSS’ clients within the UK Public Sector and Commodities industries.

Martin Ciran – Delivery Manager, BJSS

Martin has been with BJSS since 2015, and is currently working alongside Homes England’s team on the Data Platform project as Delivery Manager.