BJSS and HSCIC work together to develop a new Spine for the NHS
9 Sep, 2014

 BJSS, the delivery-focused IT consultancy, and the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) today announced the successful redevelopment of the NHS Spine – a critical part of England’s national healthcare infrastructure.

The combined teams have worked collaboratively using Open Source tools and an agile approach, to build what is believed to be the one of the largest and most significant Open Source systems in the public sector to date.

BJSS has extensive experience in the issues facing software projects and successfully delivering complex distributed software systems. Not only does its ‘BJSS Enterprise Agile’ approach eradicate technical and functional risk, but it also has a constant focus on delivery and acceptance. This approach supported HSCIC to achieve expectations of stakeholders within the triple constraint (scope, time, cost) whilst delivering a system of significant technical complexity.

Glynn Robinson, managing director of BJSS said, “The new Spine has been developed from scratch and in a very different way to its predecessor. It offers far greater flexibility, enabling those working in the NHS to respond more effectively to customer demands and it’s much easier for other suppliers to integrate with the infrastructure.

“It was imperative that the project was delivered without disrupting the delivery of NHS services. This is where our experience of delivering complex software solutions combined with the BJSS Enterprise Agile approach has been essential. We are extremely proud of the new Spine and our contribution to this key piece of national healthcare infrastructure.”