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With huge platforms processing some of the largest numbers of transactions in the world, the Betting & Gaming industry holds some of the most exciting and challenging opportunities you’ll see in your entire tech career. We’re looking for talented engineers and developers to deliver cutting edge solutions that will be used by millions every day.

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You’ll be in the big leagues

With sophisticated, high-performance platforms processing enormous volumes of transactions and complex data-driven pricing calculations in real-time, this will be the most demanding pace and scale you’ll ever work on as a developer.

A unique set of technical challenges

The future of Betting & Gaming will be built around entering new markets in quick, reliable and low-risk ways, all while adapting to stringent regulatory requirements. You’ll be involved in engineering clever, fast-moving, and ground-breaking solutions to these challenges.

Build your skills with new technologies

Get invaluable first-hand experience in modern languages like Go, as well as sharpening your skills in things like C#, .NET, Typescript and SQL.

Do the right thing

The industry takes its responsibility towards players seriously. Help build advanced solutions that will make betting a safer, more enjoyable activity for everyone.


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BJSS is a technology and engineering consultancy. We have a 30-year track record of building and providing enterprise-class technology solutions to clients in the public sector, healthcare, financial services, energy, and retail sectors.

We engineer world-class technology solutions embracing Strategy, Software, Cloud, Data, AI and Automation. Our teams of talented technologists and consultants to build dynamic platforms that millions of people use every day.



Sporting Life is a subsidiary of Sky Betting & Gaming. This engagement saw the 1996-introduced legacy service being completely redeveloped using contemporary tools and technologies. This included the delivery of a bespoke CMS, the development of an iOS app and a responsive Android web-app.


Technology: The solution was based upon an Open-Source software stack with an AWS Cloud hosted solution delivering a scalable platform to suit the user demand whilst managing costs by scaling with varying demand based on live sporting events. The Open-Source technologies selected met or exceeded the performance of their COTS alternatives.

Delivery Approach: The project was delivered using BJSS award-winning and proven Enterprise Agile approach, in collaboration with the client editorial, technical and managed service teams. A Continuous Integration and Continuous Test approach ensured support across a wide range of browser and mobile platforms.

Cloud: Cost-effective scalability and performance were enabled by the use of AWS auto-scaling and a number of AWS-specific components. Using tools such as PostgreSQL, Docker containers and Jenkins, a strategy was devised to minimise dependencies on AWS in order to preserve the option to automatically migrate to another supplier at some future point.

Analytics: Following a BJSS Big Data Lab PoC, extensive use was made of Big Data analytics to track users and usage, and by combining with other external data sources such as Social Media and location data to provide additional business intelligence. Mobile analytics tools were integrated into the solution for the purposes of measuring user journeys, and to enable future versions of the app to align to user preferences.


This was an ambitious project which reengineered Sporting Life’s digital presence using BJSS Enterprise Agile and our expertise in Cloud and Open Source. The delivery ensured that the service remained scalable, high-performance and feature-rich. Substantial performance improvements created a level of service which is unmatched by Sporting Life’s competition.

The initial iteration of the new Sporting Life website was delivered in February 2017, ahead of the Cheltenham Festival, one of the biggest highlights of the horse racing calendar.

During the Grand National 2017, Sporting Life absorbed 1.3 million page requests in 10 minutes without going over 10% utilisation. Competing betting sites collapsed during this event having exceeded peak traffic levels.

Sporting Life Logo
“The BJSS team worked closely with us to ensure that our online presence continues to support our market-leading position. BJSS, with its Enterprise Agile approach, and expertise in Cloud and Open Source, has ensured that our service is scalable, high-performance and feature-rich, allowing us to quickly provide compelling sporting content to our customers.”

Andrew Evans
Sky Betting & Gaming

Our Values

Established when BJSS was founded, our values remain unchanged, they continue to define us. Technology and culture underpin market beating performance.

Professional Excellence

We always aim to deliver outstanding quality work, regardless of role.


We differentiate BJSS by always looking for ‘a better way’ and taking new approaches to engagements.


We share a passion to excel and an absolute focus on delivery.


Our interactions with colleagues and clients are collaborative and respectful.


We build lasting client relationships by establishing real working partnerships and keeping our promises.


“Working on a Betting & Gaming client has given me the opportunity to learn an entirely new programming language with professional, comprehensive support. The account spans multiple workstreams utilising a variety of tech, providing opportunities to gain experience in Golang, Typescript and .NET, as well as gaining exposure to DevOps & Data platforms such as Splunk and Kibana. I’ve been presented with a variety of challenges, whether I am learning to write efficient code which performs optimally, or understanding how to navigate business-level responsibilities as a consultant for a household name client. Ultimately, working for my current client has granted me invaluable exposure to business processes and leading technologies used in the ever-growing Betting & Gaming industry.”

Sam – Graduate Software Engineer

“Joining a new company can be an exciting and daunting thing, but then couple that with joining one of the largest client accounts, hoping to bring performance and value, is something else. All I can say is that both parties have been extremely welcoming and supportive, and I now feel part of the great team that already exists and confident enough to make a positive difference to how we deliver a high-quality solution.”

Chris – Software Engineer

“My Betting & Gaming client is an incredibly interesting company to work for. The integration and gradual replacement of legacy technologies for cutting edge ones is fascinating. Everyone I’ve encountered here has been friendly, knowledgeable and approachable and with the wide range of tech being used, the work remains varied and interesting.”

Alex – Software Engineer


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