In a data-driven world, success is defined by the insight and business value created from legacy and digitally-enabled data. Having the strategy and technologies in place drives better outcomes for both internal and external customers.

Approaches to data insight have not kept pace with the progress of other digital delivery

As the primary technology area supporting business differentiation and success, insight and analytics have never been more critical.

Many organisations are struggling to achieve the anticipated return on investment from data initiatives, often due to a big-bang delivery culture and the gulf between IT and business.

Our approach puts the business value of analytics at the centre of the solution. Insight delivered too late to act upon is as bad as no insight at all. We apply principles from Lean and Agile delivery to ensure the underpinning data platform can deliver business value early and regularly, rather than months or years in the future.

Our industry experts work closely with clients to identify and prioritise business opportunities and our Data Scientists target analytics specifically to enable these opportunities.

Through the use of multi-discipline teams we combine discovery, prioritisation, experimentation, data load and delivery of insights with incremental build of the supporting technology platform. This enables our clients to meet their immediate needs whilst aligning to an aspirational target architecture.

The BJSS difference

Using strategy, data management and analytics we deliver actionable business insight, accelerating the journey to a data-driven organisation. We offer:

  • Talent – Access to a diverse, experienced pool of data expertise – industry experts, data scientists, engineers, architects and modellers
  • Insight-first approach – We prioritise high-value insight, returning value quickly and defining technology to support business goals.
  • Reputation – BJSS is an award-winning company with experience in a wide range of industries and operating from multiple locations.
  • End-to-end Delivery – Our service encompassess strategy and ideation through development to production and enterprise scale-out, underpinned by a proven delivery approach.


Maturity models uncover the key focus areas for your data journey. Data strategy and operating model lay the groundwork for progress to a data-driven organisation.

  • Maturity assessment
  • Data strategy
  • Operating model
  • Industry consultancy


Delivering insights that drive our business and open new opportunities as a service, or via teams embedded in your organisation.

  • Analytics team accelerator
  • Data Science
  • Business intelligence
  • Insight-as-a-Service

Data Management

Using our proven reference architecture, we will deliver a data management platform that prioritises the components needed to derive early and frequent insights.

  • Data Lake delivery and recovery
  • Data governance
  • Self-service
  • Analytics ‘Path to Live’