Cut through the hype to find the right AI solution for your business

BJSS focuses on holistically identifying the right Artificial Intelligence solutions to suit your specific business needs.

Through our simple four-step process, we can rapidly build momentum for your AI vision and bring your ambitions to life. This agnostic approach covers the full lifecycle – from Discovery and Experimentation to sustained Delivery and in-house capability builds.

We cut through the AI hype, instead honing in on your specific needs to deliver a Narrow AI solution which will deliver long-term value for your organisation.

Narrow AI. Wide Choice.

We believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing really well.

That’s why we only focus on Narrow AI. These systems are designed to display intelligence in carrying out specialised tasks in a particular field. We cover a broad range of Narrow AI solutions and select the right system for your organisation’s needs.

User Experience

Learn how to increase engagement and provide an outstanding user experience. We help you to understand the behaviour of your users to personalise their AI experience.

Future-proof Operating Model

AI is set to shake up operational business models. Understand how your organisation’s operating model will be impacted by AI to target increases in operational efficiency and engagement.

AI Assessment

Make sure your business is AI-ready. We perform full AI readiness assessments for your business, examining the AI technologies already in use before defining an overall strategy that delivers value from your investment.

Helping to rapidly identify and deliver value from AI technologies, data and fantastic customer experiences

AI is set to shake up operational business models. Through our AI Future-Proof Operating Model, you can understand how your organisation’s operating model will be impacted by AI to target increases in operational efficiency and engagement.

Build momentum for your AI Vision

Inspire your vision for AI and explore the art of the possible for how AI can drive concrete value for your organisation. Our collaborative approach leverages user research to identify high value use cases, bringing the concepts life with stakeholders and users, validating business value in order to define your AI story and vision for the future.

Bring to life your AI solutions with users

One of the biggest hurdles is getting started. So we help you to kickstart your journey by developing high impact, high value prototypes. Our user-centric approach validates business value and user engagement whilst designing and delivering a prototype, supported with a roadmap to ensure long-term impact.

Rapidly deliver high value high quality AI solutions

We are focused on delivering long-term value from AI, so we leverage our award winning Enterprise Agile approach in order to rapidly deliver high value AI solutions in a flexible way to meet user needs. We bring people on the journey to ensure long term adoption and business benefit from your investment in AI.

Find out where you are and what to do next

Explore your readiness for AI, internal capabilities to build dedicated AI teams or assesses AI that has been delivered to date to maximise your investment, such as developing a bespoke strategy for productionising Proof of Concepts or future-proofing your development as the vendor market changes over time.

We nail it. Then Scale it.

Our four-step process will guide you on your AI journey to deliver rapid value for your business. It’s a highly collaborative process that pulls all parts of BJSS’ expertise together.

AI Events

In our Finding Value in AI event, we share our ideas on how this evolving technology can benefit your organisation – right now! Our fast-paced events provide an understanding of the technology landscape and, more importantly, how it can be used to create value.