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A fantastic demonstration of the role business can play to address Britain’s IT skills gap.

BJSS believes it has a responsiblity to develop its local communities. We are very committed to supporting empowerment initiatives with a particular emphasis on youth development and technology. Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme actively embraces causes which support these themes, and our people are enthusiastic and active volunteeers too.

Glynn Robinson
BJSS Managing Director

100 Turinglab scholarships for Britain’s most deserving children.

Social economic circumstances shouldn’t exclude children from careers in technology. So we have partnered with Turinglab, an organisation that teaches fundamental coding skills to children. As part of our investment, we are financing 100 scholarships for children aged between 11 and 16  from low income families to participate in the Turinglab programme. Over 10-15 hours of classes, our scholarship students are introduced to computing concepts through the creation of games, animations and apps. They work towards creating their own projects in JavaScript that can be shared with friends and family. We play a key delivery role too, providing Turinglab with pro-bono software development expertise, in addition to marketing and commercial support.APPLY FOR A BJSS TURINGLAB SCHOLARSHIP

Creating local leadership that drives improvements in skills and employment

BJSS contributes towards the Employment and Skills Panel of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership. This panel brings employers together with local authorities and skills providers to oversee projects thart address skills gaps in the city region’s key industry sectors. This partnership is highly practical in its nature. Nine BJSS professionals recently worked in collabotation with 14 students and their teachers at South Craven School in Cross Hills to complete BTEC Unit 22 – Developing Computer Games. The students continue to communicate with BJSS mentors about problems they are attempting to solve, with the mentors advising how to approach the problem in a high level context and by offering technical guidance.


06 Apr

Learning: Before and After

Priyav Shah first met the founders of Turinglab – Henry and Sam – while he was studying Computer Science at Imperial College London. He ended up working with them a couple of years later – originally as a developer, and later as Turinglab’s first student instructor. “The main thing that I found from helping Children to learn to code is how varied they[...]

30 Mar

Best Practice

Joshua Bates was a late addition to the Turinglab delivery team. He joined after the BJSS Academy recognised that his skills in Angular were suited to the Turinglab learning platform and that the engagement would be valuable to his development. He had previously worked on a similar stack, so without even touching the platform, Josh had a good idea where everything[...]

23 Mar

Neopets to Turinglab

Carla Lawrence is BJSS’ resident maths whizz. It’s what led her into the world of computing. “I remember one day I was just searching the Internet for all things maths when I came across a page about programming,” she explains. “It looked interesting and before long I was hooked.” Next she started played online game called Neopets, where the player has a[...]

16 Mar

Placement Year

Jack Wainwright is an undergraduate student. He is studying IT at the University of Leeds, but took time out in August 2016 to complete a placement year at BJSS. The university curriculum has already exposed Jack to a great deal of programming. He is also familiar with some of the “project consulting” aspects too, such as Business Analysis. And having[...]

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