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BJSS Awarded G-Cloud 4 Framework

29 October 2013: BJSS today announces its appointment to the G-Cloud 4 government procurement framework.

BJSS has delivered several successful engagements for a number of central government organisations under previous iterations of the G-Cloud framework.

Commenting on the announcement, Glynn Robinson, BJSS Managing Director said “I’m very pleased that we will be able to build on our track record of successful delivery established under previous versions of the G-Cloud framework, and continue to provide cost-effective services to our growing number of public sector clients.”

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BJSS re-engineers data platform supporting Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

23 September 2013:  BJSS today announced that it has delivered a project on behalf of Britain’s health service to bring day-to-day maintenance of its Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data platform fully in-house.

HES, which is managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) ensures that hospitals and affiliated providers in England receive payment for their services. The data is also used for secure analysis of health trends, performance benchmarks, academic research and international comparisons. HSCIC previously worked with a third party provider to ensure day-to-day platform maintenance.

BJSS Technical Architects and Project Managers worked closely with the HSCIC and the existing third-party provider to understand the current day-to-day process of HES and to define its strategic requirements. This consultation revealed that the most effective route would be to embark on a full re-write the entire HES platform.  It took three BJSS developers 12 months to replace the existing 3.5 million lines of SQL code and 500-step manual process running on six machines, with 100,000 lines of SQL code and a two-step automated process running on one machine.

By deploying the BJSS solution, the HSCIC is able to carry its work with increased efficiency by using the rewritten platform. The BJSS-delivered version of HES also delivers a reduction in operating costs.

Mike Buck, BJSS Public Sector Practice Lead, comments: “Ensuring the day-to-day maintenance of HES fully in-house was our top priority. We have handed over full source control and completed a comprehensive knowledge transfer programme. We have also provided HES with identical production and non-production environments, allowing the HSCIC team to maintain the system themselves, while also having the confidence in testing and deploying future innovations.”.

This project shows that a ‘text-book’ approach isn’t always best. While commonality between projects may exist, no two are ever the same. Innovative thinking should be applied towards building a solution which best meets the client’s circumstances.”.

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BJSS shortlisted for the UK IT Awards 2013

18 September 2013: BJSS has been shortlisted for the UK IT Awards 2013 in the ‘Project Excellence: Big Data Project of the Year’ category for its work with the public sector.

Since signing up to the G-Cloud framework in Feb 2012, BJSS has been awarded several projects in the public sector including the re-engineering of Spine2 for the NHS Connecting for Health and working with the NHS to re-develop its e-Referral Service.

The BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards are a platform for the entire profession to celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence. David Clarke MBE, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, says: “On behalf of the Chartered Institute for IT I’d like to congratulate this year’s finalists. They showcase not only the innovation and the professionalism of those working in IT, but also demonstrate the importance of IT in delivering business and social benefit.”.

Glynn Robinson, BJSS Managing Director says “We are thrilled to be short listed for these prestigious awards. We have a heritage of delivering enterprise-scale IT solutions to a wide-range of market sectors and it was this experience combined with our BJSS Enterprise Agile Methodology that has enabled us to partner so successfully with IT teams in the public sector. We are particularly proud to be playing such a key role in helping government bodies with their biggest and most valuable IT assets. Being selected as a Project Excellence finalist is a strong testament to that.”.

Stuart Sumner, Editor of Computing adds: “Computing would like to congratulate the finalists. It’s great to see such a wide range of industries represented, highlighting the fact that IT is truly embedded throughout business, and our society.”.

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NHS engages BJSS to build NHS e-Referral Service

9 September 2013: BJSS has been selected to develop the NHS e-Referral Service. The NHS e-Referral Service will succeed the existing Choose and Book service, in use across the NHS in England, and is being developed to support the drive toward paperless referrals and a paperless NHS by 2018.

Handling more than 40 million referrals across its lifetime, Choose and Book is an online referral and appointment booking system that enables NHS professionals and patients to select their preferred healthcare provider, date, time and confirm an appointment.

Within the scope of the initial phase of software development are a number of key activities:

  • The existing Choose and Book functionality will be replicated to support transition to the new NHS e-Referral Service.
  • Removal of the ‘vendor lock in’ to current proprietary software within the Choose and Book platform will enable greater flexibility in future and significant reductions in operating costs.
  • Key changes also include expanding the capability to support additional professional users of the NHS e-Referral Service within the NHS and NHS partners, as well as a set of ‘Application Programming Interfaces’, which will ensure the NHS e-Referral Service can more effectively integrate with other systems for the benefit of professional users and patients.


The initial phase of e-RS development will provide the platform to deliver a range of new features and functionality in support of professional users and patients, which is in line with the NHS e-Referral Service vision.

The development of the new NHS e-Referral Service will follow the proven BJSS Enterprise Agile approach and will see the reliance on proprietary software being replaced with an open flexible platform that can easily integrate with other systems and be hosted on commodity infrastructure.

Mike Buck, BJSS Public Sector Practice Lead, comments: “We’re really pleased to have been selected to work with HSCIC on another high-profile project. We will be working closely with the NHS team to deliver a cost-effective solution using Open Source and Agile Techniques.”.

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BJSS Releases White Paper: Enterprise DevOps – Aligning Development and Operations

16 April 2013: BJSS today releases its latest White Paper: Enterprise DevOps – Aligning Development and Operations.

Many Enterprises may have already made good progress in adopting Agile delivery techniques over the last decade but fail to fully realise the benefits of Agile due to the chasm between Development and Operations. This paper identifies these cultural and logistical challenges and identifies how they can be overcome.

The paper:

  • Explains why there is often friction between the Development and Operations teams.
  • Introduces and defines DevOps.
  • Explains how DevOps relates to Agile development, continuous delivery and operational processes.
  • Discusses how DevOps adoption is essential for the realisation of Cloud cost savings and flexibility.
  • Presents five models that can be used as standalone techniques or in combination to introduce a successful DevOps approach.


All too often Development and Operations teams have conflicting priorities and motivations, but for Enterprise-scale projects to be rolled out continuously, safely and effectively, the two ‘tribes’ do need to be united in a common cause.” says the author of the paper and BJSS CTO Martin Maisey. “BJSS has been working on enterprise-wide complex IT implementations for some 20 years now, across a wide range of sectors, this hands-on experience and how these issues impact project delivery has inspired this paper.”

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BJSS Opens New York Office

24 January 2013: BJSS Inc., a rapidly growing UK-based IT consultancy firm, is now serving the U.S. market, bringing relief to businesses hampered by the most common problems that impede operational resiliency and project delivery. 

BJSS has witnessed significant transformation in its 20 years of serving the world’s leading financial institutions and multi-national corporations.  Numerous high-stakes customer engagements have proven to BJSS that delivering results boils down to combatting common project delivery challenges by adhering to a “No Surprises End-game” mentality – in other words, say what you’ll do, do what you say and be transparent.

Mark Hipperson, President, BJSS Inc., said, “Twenty years ago when BJSS started, capital market firms and financial institutions held their operations close to their chest and consumers and regulators didn’t question those operations. Today, financial services businesses know all too well that we are in an era where increased regulations and complexity hit the bottom line.  The competitive advantage goes to the firm that can resolve business issues quickly, with small efficient teams.

With its extensive experience of successful project delivery, BJSS has developed the following five essentials of a “No Surprises End-game”:

  1. Gain continual assurance of the developing solution throughout the delivery lifecycle through good project governance and strong engineering and management practices
  2. Focus on early eradication of risk and continued on-going risk management
  3. Use a practical and flexible approach based on real world experience
  4. Maintain necessary and sufficient formality in project organization and
    business engagement
  5. Promote transparency through the use of metrics


Larry Ryan, Chief Technology Officer, said, “A good process is important, but not sufficient to gain success.  You need skilled and experienced subject matter experts and IT delivery people. At BJSS, we have nearly 400 highly capable professionals who have been trusted to work side-by-side with our client internal teams, offering consulting, staff augmentation and project/solution leadership for the most complex business issues.”

BJSS’ New York City office is located at 17 State Street. Current activities include work for the financial services industry, providing expertise in regulatory compliance, foreign exchange (FX), trading systems and full software lifecycle development/testing.

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BJSS to develop infrastructure options for NHS Connecting for Health

15 January 2013: The Department of Health’s IT strategy, The Power of Information, identifies a need to ‘move to industry adoption of open standards, greater interconnectivity and interoperability, and greater competition between system suppliers to support local service requirements’ and options for Spine 2 will recognise this requirement.

In February 2012 BJSS was awarded a Framework Agreement to supply Specialist Cloud Services to the UK Government via the G-Cloud programme and was subsequently selected to work alongside NHS Connecting for Health on options for the Spine 2 project in June 2012.

The Holy Grail in IT development is to be better, faster and cheaper,” comments Paul Jones, CTO at NHS Connecting for Health. “Usually it is only possible to achieve two out of three. If it’s better and faster, then it will be expensive; if it’s cheap it will be slower, but the approach we are looking at with Spine 2 could hit all three of our targets. We decided to look at what is the absolute nucleus of the Spine, what it does and what it does well and endeavour to develop a proof of concept that can process high transaction volumes on commodity hardware.

The Spine is part of the critical national infrastructure that supports the delivery of services and health care provision in the UK. It has delivered a national infrastructure service that already supports programmes such as the Summary Care Record (SCR), Choose & Book (CAB), Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), GP2GPQuality Management & Analysis System (QMAS), Secondary Uses Service (SUS) and NHS Number. The Spine handles vast volumes of transactions, it contains NHS Numbers and demographic data for over 70 Million patients which is requested or amended more than 2.6 Billion times a year.

Describing the options for Spine 2, Jones continues, “It would be a huge step change in the way the Spine would be delivered. We would have greater flexibility allowing us to respond more quickly to customer demands and it should be easier for other suppliers to integrate with the Spine while still having controls around it. Essentially, it would afford us many more opportunities to enhance the service quickly to meet the needs of the NHS.

In summary, Jones says. “There are significant challenges. Migrating these volumes of data and keeping all our services for the NHS in sync would require a great deal of thought, planning and testing. This is just the start but it’s a promising one and would ensure information flowed more freely across the NHS through a Spine that was faster, better and cheaper.”

Glynn Robinson, General Manager, BJSS says: “The Spine is absolutely critical to the day-to-day running of the NHS, so any project that alters it must be carried out with the utmost care and attention. With our track record and industry-leading Enterprise Agile approach to delivering complex software solutions, we are confident we could achieve significant improvements to the breadth, scale and speed of services delivered over the Spine without disrupting the delivery of core NHS services.

BJSS will work with NHS Connecting for Health to build the core services of ‘Spine 2’ – PDS, EPS, SCR and TMS – in a series of iterative developments. The company will also develop options to replace the user interfacing systems that access Care Records and Demographics Services, while ensuring the existing external interfaces remain unchanged to ensure there is no adverse impact on existing connected systems.

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BJSS wins Sunday Times Tech Track ‘Ones to Recognise’ Award

BJSS, an established IT consultancy and specialist agile development company, has been selected from a shortlist of five finalists to receive the ultimate ‘Ones to Recognise’ Award, by the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 League. Now in its twelfth year this prestigious ranking compiled by Fast Track, the Oxford-based research, publishing and events company, tracks Britain’s most dynamic unquoted technology companies, based on technical innovation and sales growth.

BJSS has experienced 30% compound growth through the last six years and reported an annual turnover of £42m million in 2011/2012. BJSS designs, implements and delivers sophisticated software and infrastructure projects. The emergence of BJSS’ Enterprise Agile development practices and its track record of delivery has allowed BJSS to expand its offering to the commodities, energy trading, retail and government markets.
The Tech Track 100 Ones to Recognise award, sponsored by Barclays was presented by head of TMT, Sean Duffy to Mike Bates, managing director, BJSS who said: “We are very pleased and proud to receive this award. Such recognition acknowledges both the dedication and ability of our staff and the consistently high standards we set ourselves in terms of our total commitment to solving our clients’ problems.”
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BJSS Continues Relationship with Global Energy Company

9 August 2010: BJSS, the Leeds and London-based IT Consultancy and Development firm, today announced it has been retained as the prime supplier for the next release of a strategic middle office transformation programme for a global energy company.

The programme will deliver front-to-back straight through processing for all locations, from deal entry through to settlement and risk. The capability delivered by BJSS includes a strategic pricing service for all physical oil deals and derivatives, and a new application for real-time reporting of exposure, P&L and position. The updated system will allow the client to connect their systems, people and processes and enable efficiency and effective control across their business.
BJSS is also responsible for delivery of the necessary integration components for the programme, and the entire end-to-end testing of the system.
“We are delighted to have been awarded the next stage of this exciting project,” said Mike Bates, Managing Director BJSS. “Our BJSS Enterprise Agile approach underpinned our success in the initial phases of the project and has helped ensure our ongoing involvement.  We have assembled an extremely strong project team and I look forward to continuing our track record of delivery success.”
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First Phase of Commodity Trading System Delivered

16 October 2009: BJSS has successfully delivered Release 1 of a major middle office and STP transformation programme for a global oil trading organisation.

This represents the first release of a 3-year transformation programme to provide STP, real-time reporting capability and a single pricing solution across the client’s global trading landscape. Using BJSS’s Enterprise Agile approach, the delivery team combined the benefits of Agile and iterative techniques with the client’s more traditional Waterfall delivery method. This allowed the client to evolve “to-be” business organisation and process in parallel with a strict delivery schedule for the solution, maximising productivity and efficiency of their critical business and analyst resource.

The release was successfully delivered by BJSS to schedule, allowing the programme to secure the level of executive sponsorship needed to support subsequent releases and a significant business change initiative over the next two years.

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