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BJSS Expertise: Digital and Transformation Consulting

BJSS digital transformation is based on over 20 years’ experience of enterprise solution consultancy.

The BJSS Digital and Transformation teams work with clients to shape and form strategies and solutions, testing innovative ideas and helping to realise value through the implementation of new technologies.

Unlike many of the newly-formed digital agencies, the BJSS Digital and Transformation expertise is based on our experiences of delivering enterprise solutions for over two decades. It aims to change and transform businesses by focussing on where our clients are today, where they want to be, and what digital technology options exist to help them get there.

Thought Leadership: Digital and Transformation

Big Brother meets Big Data - be very afraid!

Generation Z (Gen Z) are children born after 1995 and the first true generation to grow up with the internet, smartphones, social media and many other digital technologies.

They have spent their lives on social media and may come to find it is a relationship that is set to last. Recent research has indicated what a lot of parents already know is true: this generation, more than any before them, use the internet and social media for everything, including researching projects and homework. Rarely do they pick up a text book. They are the ultimate consumers of digital data. As a result, they have a short attention span, largely using Instant Messaging for communication rather than email. Their preferred hardware is the Smartphone and they are experts at taking photos and making videos.

Generation Z are natives to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social platforms. They live a large part of their life out in the digital world, freely posting their views, opinions, photos, videos and everyday activities.

However, a new link between Big Data Analytics and social media is about to create a wave of anxiety and soul-searching across Generation Z and way beyond. There is a new wave of solutions emerging that scour social media platforms, looking for everything that they have ever posted. Solutions which look at how and what has been posting so that organisations can profile you.

This isn’t the NSA or GCHQ, it is something completely innocent: a job application for example. Technology companies like eiTalent collate all of the posts you have ever written on social media platforms, using algorithms and Big Data to profile your values and other personality traits. They then match you against the culture and values of the company you wish to join. Using grammar, syntax and linguistic morphology, they quickly ascertain what type of person you are and whether you are a good fit for the role, for the company. In essence, companies can make hiring decisions based, or partly based, on your social media posts: even those made when you were drunk or in a bad mood.

For the average Generation Z teenager who feels free to air their unfiltered opinions via social media (and, indeed, other user too), it could have a serious affect on their employability.

But it isn’t only recruitment where Big Data is making an impact. Other technology companies, like Ditto Labs, use Big Data to help companies identify who is posting photographs of their brands, in what setting and how happy they are. It allows marketing and sales teams to identify trends, monitor the competition, identify demographics and even give them a mood score; resulting in how happy they were while wearing or consuming the brand. It is not a small step of the imagination to see how large organisations could start to target you just because they know you already like wearing their brand. Social Media has democratised marketing. Large organisations can no longer control the message, but, with the help of Big Data, they can now analyse every text and photo ever posted to a social media platform to gain insights into your personality, your shopping habits and preferences.

This new leap forward for Big Data will impact all of us. But spare a special thought for Generation Z, who have lived their lives in a digital world and who are about to enter the workforce, creating disposable income. They are the generation who depend on social and they will be the generation that see and experience the Big Data revolution more and more in the future.

BJSS Digital and Transformation Consulting

Vision, Strategy & Advisory

  • Re-imagine business to reduce cost and bureaucracy
  • Provide better outcomes with digital technologies: Cloud, Mobile, Data Analytics
  • Short assignments that shape vision and strategy, develop initial business cases, and align senior management

Innovation and Ideation

  • Conducting research into emerging technologies, services and business models
  • Data gathering
  • Thought leadership and trend analysis
  • Shape and form solutions and project plans
  • Facilitate workshops and other activities
  • Access to experienced business and technical analysis
  • Ideation and solution design

Assessment and Road Mapping

  • Talent and experience from across BJSS to help with the ‘hard stuff’
  • Cuts across technologies and indstry domains
  • Experienced in building detailed business cases, clarifying Target Operating Models (TOMs), delivering low-cost Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and deliverable project roadmaps


  • Implementing lasting change
  • Demonstrate new ways of working or fresh product and service opportunities
  • Focused on outcomes and delivering to the bottom line

“BJSS helped us clarify how to engage with Generation Z. These digital natives are leading the way in the adoption of technologies that are disrupting and transforming organisations. The BJSS piece of work gave us great insight and clear, actionable next steps to make change happen, immediately and in our post-2016 strategy.” Lisa Harker, NSPCC Director of Strategy, Policy and Evidence

NSPCC tasked BJSS to develop a strategy and roadmap for engaging with Generation Z. This included researching the characteristics of these digital natives, interviewing NSPCC staff, and analysing what competing charities are doing.

BJSS Delivered

Through interviews and workshops with the NSPCC and its external partners, such as Facebook and Viacom, combined with insights into digital technology trends, and how they transform organisations, a number of ideas were developed, refined, challenged and formed into a roadmap of deliverable projects.


Organisations, including charities, must engage people in an ongoing and authentic conversation. The recommended projects enable the NSPCC to harness the ideas and social networks of young people. It expands campaign reach, increases fundraising revenue and engages a new generation of virtual volunteers.