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BJSS Expertise: Mobile

Mobile delivery has a unique and time-sensitive lifecycle.

Mobile solutions need to be released rapidly, iterated frequently, and integrated securely with existing IT investments. The device landscape is highly heterogeneous and technology standards are evolving at a rapid rate.  Ongoing improvements to processor speed, memory, multi-task support, and screen characteristics are narrowing the gap between mobile and traditional devices. It can be challenging to consistently deliver solutions across standardised and non-standardised platforms and Mobile Operating Systems. BJSS couples best practice, BJSS Enterprise Agile, and automation tools to deliver a scalable and maintainable mobile alternative.

BJSS Mobile Expertise

Mobile Enterprise Agile Studio

  • Mobile technology delivery via the proven BJSS Enterprise Agile approach
  • Increased focus on delivery frequency
  • Improved predictability
  • Recognises requirement diversity with the most appropriate use of technology
  • Supports native, hybrid and mobile web technology

Mobile Continuous Delivery and Automation

  • Repeatable deployment processes on a range of different build outputs
  • Supports different configurations
  • Integration with Back-End systems
  • Frameworks, tools and runtimes which cover all stages of building, deploying and managing mobile software across the lifecycle.

Mobile Legacy Integration

  • Rapid and secure system integration
  • Supports the delivery of wider digital modernisation programmes or specific mobile projects
  • Splits integration into component parts such as architecture, service layer and data integration

Mobile Performance and Assurance

  • Assured and consistent delivery instead of inefficient GUI-driven mobile automation tools
  • Scalable and maintainable
  • Cross-industry best practices such as reusable functions, data parameterisation and extended unit or server-side tests
  • Releasable, open test assets that maintain release integrity

“I approached BJSS as I was aware of their reputation for successfully delivering complex systems on a variety of platforms.” Head of New Product Development, International Retail Banking Group

Quality assurance of the client’s mobile retail banking programme was undertaken by a large number of vendors, impacting time to market and quality of service. BJSS designed and operated a managed test service responsible for assurance and integration of all deliveries across the programme.

BJSS Delivered

A scalable, outcome-based managed testing service within the client, responsible for the assurance of the client’s omni-channel retail banking application suite. In addition to undertaking acceptance of deliveries from multiple vendor and internal teams, BJSS mobile test specialists provided integration services across multiple delivery workstreams.


An innovative automation and continuous delivery improvement capability was established, consolidating testing within a unifying framework and providing a metrics-based approach to monitoring and reporting. Performance and quality of 3rd party deliveries was improved whilst achieving significant reductions in cost. Improved time to market enabled a more responsive approach to market-driven change.