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BJSS Expertise: Integration

Low cost, high speed, reliable networking is transitioning single monolithic platforms to ’Best of Breed’ corporate platforms.

Without enterprise integration standards and governance covering areas such as enterprise data model, communication protocols, quality of service and management systems, an enterprise could find itself with brittle and inflexible system interoperability. Integration is at the heart of many BJSS projects and our experience covers all aspects of the integration spectrum, ranging from the design and implementation of a global enterprise integration layer supporting every aspect a billion dollar business, to low latency high volume streaming price distribution over the internet to trading aggregators and single bank venues.

BJSS Integration Expertise

Industry Standards and Protocols

  • Technology and standard agnosticism
  • JMS
  • RV
  • FIX
  • FPML

Enterprise Technology Expertise

  • ESB
  • Messaging
  • Databases
  • Pricing systems
  • In-house developed solutions

Integration of 3rd-Party Solutions

  • Market Data feeds
  • Exchange integration
  • Post-trade notification
  • Settlement

“We give BJSS a problem, they work out what they need to do with it, they present back to us what they’re going to do and then they do it. When they’ve delivered it, it does what it was supposed to do. So really it’s just that down-to-earth predictability of asking for A and getting A. It just works.” Group IT Director, Global Commodity Trading Company

BJSS replaced the global integration hub that forms the backbone of this global commodity trading company’s trading activities, supporting their Best-of-Breed systems strategy across three global business domains. The system is critical to all business activities and as such was a core dependency for all key business systems and processes.

BJSS Delivered

An extensive programme of stabilisation, transition and migrationfor the global organisation spanning Far East, EMEA and USA. The integration layer was stabalised, a new integration platform introduced, and all existing business integrated.


The engagement increased flexibility, Agility and scalability. It reduced maintenance cost by standardising technologies and reducing the dependence on proprietary technologies. Development costs were reduced by over 50% and deployment times for reduced from 2 weeks to less than 3 hours. Vendor lock-in was eliminated by avoiding proprietary technology wherever possible and introducing Open standards.