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BJSS Expertise: DevOps

Today’s business challenges have pushed traditional delivery approaches to new levels. A siloed approach limits transparency.

DevOps aims to break down the barriers that often exist between Development and Operations teams, enabling them to work together to deliver systems into production reliably, safely and rapidly – and to operate and support them more effectively.

BJSS has a history of routinely applying this principle to engagements – even before the term ’DevOps’ became popular.



  • Focus on People
  • Embrace change and experiment
  • Full stack-aware software engineering
  • Development-aware infrastructure and Operations


  • Continuous Delivery – delivery pipeline setup and operations covering checkin-in though live operation
  • Infrastructure as Code – automated stand-up of everything possible: servers, networks and everything on them


  • Focus on delivering end-user value through BJSS Enterprise Agile
  • Small batch sizes to realise business value as early as possible


  • Measure everything, from detailed server and infrastructure metrics to appliction events and business outcome KPIs
  • A/B testing
  • Show the improvement


  • Collaborate and communicate
  • Open information sharing

Breaking down the barriers between Development and Operations offers significant benefits for enterprises.

The natural tension between these two groups has been exacerbated by the adoption of Agile development methods. Delivery team requests for increased release frequency have put pressure on traditional acceptance processes. Operations teams often struggle to cope with the increased workload and sometimes feel steamrollered into prematurely accepting systems into production. Development teams get frustrated by the resulting delays.

“We had a strong belief that BJSS would provide us with the quickest time to market. They possessed a high level of technical skill combined with strong leadership and a commitment to getting things done. Working together we formed a close partnership that we all had confidence in.” Programme Director

Plagued by a system that was inaccurate, took too long to run and which impacted other business areas, a national construction and hardware retailer was keen to evaluate the ‘art of the possible’. Would introducing a DevOps culture to its existing ’traditional’ IT operations improve the situation and make the business more efficient?

BJSS Delivered

Elasticsearch and Node.js were deployed into the Amazon Cloud using Ansible and auto-scaling to provide a search solution able to scale up and down to match demand. Additionally development and operational aspects of the project were automated (for example Cloud-based developer environments) to provide reusability on further projects.


A single cross-functional Agile and DevOps team delivered the solution in just five weeks. Search time was reduced from 10 seconds to around 10 milliseconds. The service auto-repairs itself and has built-in flexibility allowing it to accommodate seasonal trends and promotions by scaling up or down depending on demand.