BJSS Enterprise Agile

Underpinning BJSS' software delivery engagements is a flexible approach that ensures success - BJSS Enterprise Agile.

We've combined over 20 years of practical experience developing distributed, high performance, high availability software systems with elements of methods such as XP, SCRUM and the Unified Process into a practical toolkit for consistent delivery - successful even in environments dominated by more rigid processes such as Waterfall.

BJSS Enterprise Agile Differentiators

Focus on Risk

Planning and delivery activities are driven by desire to eradicate risk early in the project. An architecture-centric approach coupled with early and continuous technical testing avoids late-breaking and expensive architectural changes and encourages the appropriate discussions regarding project priorities.

Complete Project Delivery Coverage

The applicability and scope of many agile methods is limited to software engineering, e.g. XP/Scrum - these methods therefore tend to become developer-led. BJSS Enterprise Agile expands this limited scope by adding a strong focus on sound management practices and providing guidance for the role of management.


Complete visibility of project status and issues is available to all stakeholders at all times. Comprehensive metrics support calibration of the plan and facilitate joint decision making, leading to a 'No surprises end-game'.

Necessary and Sufficient Formality

Based around a formal project structure to support early risk eradication and increased certainty of delivery and quality, BJSS Enterprise Agile includes sufficient formal business engagement to support incremental acceptance.

Proven at Scale

The approach has been proven to scale from small engagements, where it adds an appropriate degree of control, risk management and transparency to global enterprise system deliveries of greater than 100 man years with team sizes of 50+.

Practical and Flexible

BJSS Enterprise Agile is built on our real world experience of delivering enterprise software solutions. It acknowledges and complements existing organisational governance structures whilst retaining the flexibility to scale to a wide range of organisation and project types.

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