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BJSS Capabilities: Security

Cyber Security has become a permanent feature of today’s business risk landscape. 

It is now a crucial consideration for organisations across all industry sectors. Industry surveys show that security incidents have become more frequent, more pervasive and more sophisticated. They have impacted organisations both financially and with the need for added resources to return to business as usual. This should not prevent organisations from benefitting from the opportunities of the emerging digital age. Experienced in all aspects of security, BJSS provides several offerings to help ensure that people, technology and processes are capable of effectively managing current and evolving security risks.

BJSS Security Capabilities

Security Architecture Design

  • Architecture design for physical, virtual and/or Cloud
  • Design of controls to meet organisational security policies and regulatory compliance
  • Development of Government-accreditable architecture and design
  • Proven approaches to security architecture

Software Delivery Lifecycle Assurance

  • Providing confidence in the application of secure coding practices with Security Code Reviews
  • Vulnerability testing  to assess the effectiveness of security configuration and vulnerability management
  • Assessment of the design and effectiveness of application security controls
  • Assistance in the scoping and managing of independent security penetration tests
  • Creation and management of Security Remediation Plans

Security Policy & Standard Definition

  • Creation and maintenance of information security policies and standards
  • Assistance in the preparation of information security policies and documentation to achieve Government (RMADS) and Industry (ISO27001) accreditation

Cyber Security Consulting Services

  • SOC Development
  • Vulnerability management capability development

Why do sophisticated cyber attacks succeed against today’s security systems? Or why is it that they can be difficult, or even impossible, to detect, let alone prevent?

This BJSS White Paper provides a summary of trends in sophisticated cyber-attacks, explains which industries are most affected and introduces risk management frameworks from mature security disciplines including physical security, fraud detection, and counter-terrorism intelligence.

As the Application Integrator for the DVSA ICT Modernisation Programme, BJSS contributed to the replacement of the legacy MOT system. Used throughout the UK by 20,000 garages and 60,000 MOT testers, the programme’s objective was to reduce software licensing and hardware costs, while minimising vendor lock-in by utilising Open Source software wherever possible.

BJSS Delivered

Leveraging its extensive background in delivering to Government, while also drawing on experience of Open Source and Cloud solutions, BJSS provided the DVSA with a secure, Government-accreditable Cloud based infrastructure platform which utilises enhanced security controls to reduce complexity and improve manageability.


Appreciating the risks and opportunities of deploying and operating the MOT system on a Cloud-based platform, the BJSS-delivered infrastructure solution incorporates security controls in a less-complex and affordable environment that meets the strict accreditation requirements of the UK Government.