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BJSS Capabilities: Platform Engineering

An organisation’s underlying Platform should be dynamic, resilient and secure. 

Whether Cloud-based, physical data centres, or a hybrid architecture, BJSS brings technical and process enhancements that deliver real business benefits. Dynamically scaling up or down to meet fluctuating demand, or rapid deployment of development and test environments to enable new products to be quickly released to market, the BJSS approach ensures a Platform architecture that is tailored to individual requirements. BJSS is technology-agnostic and has experience of delivering Enterprise-class Platform solutions across a range of platforms (AWS, Azure, Openstack, Cloudstack, vCloud). 

BJSS Platform

Automated Server and Environment Provisioning

  • Build automation
  • Configuration and management of Platform/PaaS independent of the underlying platform
  • Hardware
  • Virtualised and Cloud platforms

Platform Development Lifecycle (ILDC)

  • Aligns the development and change of Platform components and environments to Agile software development approaches
  • Uses automation tools to manage configuration and implement change

Data Centre Services

  • Automated provision of private and industry specific multi-tenanted environments for development, test and production
  • Enhanced security, scalability and resilience

Network Operations Centre

  • Virtualised or Cloud-based
  • Deployed using automation
  • Allows administrators to supervise, monitor and maintain system environments and networks
  • No ties to specific locations

Platform as a Service (Paas)

  • Automation
  • Provisioning preconfigured packages, such as Databases,  Application Servers, Web Servers and Development toolsets onto Hardware Virtualised and Cloud platforms

“BJSS helped to deliver and lay the foundations of our new development process with end to end delivery. The work they delivered has made a real difference to our business.”  CIO, Plusnet

To facilitate its continued growth, an award-winning UK telecoms provider, needed to quickly deploy a range of website improvements and new features. BJSS was called in to define the dynamic IT Platform it needed to support its Agile development process.

BJSS Delivered

The design and build of a private, multi-datacentre, IaaS platform based around Citrix CloudStack. A self-service management layer enabled on-demand automated deployment of production-like environments, scaled from single-developer Virtual Machines to full scale NFT environments consisting of multiple Virtual Machines.


Coupling the dynamic IaaS platform with a development process based on BJSS Enterprise Agile has facilitated a more rapid response to new business requirements and ramp up the continuous improvement process. A representative Production Support environment also enables an enhanced Platform change-management process.