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BJSS Expertise: Outsourced Project Delivery

BJSS is a strategic delivery partner for many organisations seeking a cost-effective, predictable approach to outsourcing complete project delivery.

For many organisations, off-shoring delivery of business critical IT systems has failed to deliver both the anticipated cost savings and the level of quality required. The approach is inefficient, inflexible and unresponsive to the changing priorities of today’s digital transformation programmes. By outsourcing these key programmes of work to BJSS’ UK-based project centres, BJSS clients have benefitted from cost-effective access to highly skilled local project delivery teams, focused on successful client outcomes rather than billed days. BJSS Project Centre delivery teams are supported by an organisation with over 20 years’ of delivery success in business critical systems and the proven BJSS Enterprise Agile delivery model, ensuring successful delivery and a ’no surprises end-game’ regardless of the nature of the project.

BJSS Outsourced Project Delivery

Cost-effective Best Practice

  • Risk first, Architecture-centric approach
  • Quality Built-in
  • Frequent, demonstrable milestones
  • Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration

Experienced Practitioners

  • Business Analysis
  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • UX/UI
  • Testing
  • DevOps

Proven Delivery Model

  • Flexible resourcing models
  • Comprehensive metrics reporting
  • Tailored governance approach
  • Range of integrated delivery toolsets
  • BJSS Accelerators reduce start-up costs
  • Flexible commerical models