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BJSS Expertise: High Availability Systems

A common requirement for enterprise-grade systems is the ability to reliably process transactions at high throughputs whilst achieving low latencies, often down to the sub-millisecond level.

Delivering systems of this level of capability requires a disciplined engineering approach that spans multiple skills from the design and development through to performance tuning and quality assurance of the system being delivered. BJSS has a heritage of delivering many world-class low-latency systems, both monolithic and distributed through the adoption of low-latency messaging solutions.

BJSS High Availability Expertise

Engineering Focus

  • Extensive experience in low-latency and high-throughput systems
  • Disciplined software engineering approach
  • Architecture and design guided by key non-functional requirements and performance indicators
  • Risk-first approach to demonstrate system capabilities early on
  • Built upon via incremental delivery


  • Vast delivery experience of world-class low-latency systems
  • Monolithic and distributed through the use of low-latency messaging


  • Web Tier
  • Application Tier
  • Data Storage Tier
  • Experienced in all approaches and can combine them dependent on the needs of the engagement

Operational Aspects

  • Experienced in delivering systems that address all Operational concerns on both commercially licensed and Open Source technology stacks
  • Dedicated attention given to metrics gathering, log management, alerting and monitoring at scale

“”BJSS has demonstrated many times that its size, approach and skill set enables it to be nimble and reliable in delivery whilst bringing significant niche knowledge and expertise that is often watered down within larger organisations.” Global Head of Real Time Development, Financial Information Provider

This global organisation’s trading system could only support two asset classes via a single server instance. A new system was required to replicate functionality and increase scalability and performance. Handling thousands of transactions every second, latency requirements were sub-1ms.

BJSS Delivered

A heavily multi-threaded, highly scalable distributed system within a flexible state-of-the-art architecture. Written in Java 1.6 the system runs on 16-core servers. Foundation products are Oracle 11g RAC and Solaris 10 x86. In order to provide the required level of High Availability the project employed ORACLE RAC cluster technology, including both Active Data Guard Broker and Streams.


This extremely challenging technical solution explored the boundaries of its various foundation products and technologies. It is fully backward compatible with the client’s legacy system, facilitating a global deployment, and meets stringent 24×7 availability requirements providing fully automated recovery from any single point of failure within strict timescales.