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BJSS Capabilities: Architecture

BJSS architectural experience spans industry and technology domains, uniquely positioning us to advise on all aspects of architecture from legacy systems to the latest Cloud-based Big Data solutions.

Good architecture is fundamental to all successful software delivery. Frequently architecture evolves rather than being considered in and of itself, resulting in brittle systems that are hard to change, and often leading to systems being replaced too early in their lifecycle. A well factored architecture allows new requirements to be handled with minimum impact, maximising investment. At the highest level, a focus on architecture ensures that not only will a system meet requirements now, but that it will continue to do so into the future.

BJSS Architecture Solutions

Programme Architecture

  • High level architectural strategy and roadmap definition
  • Defining Enterprise architectures to facilitate business change
  • Technical leadership and mentoring
  • Technical Design Authority and governance
  • Ownership and management of technical risks
  • Assurance of Non-functional requirement adherence

Solution Architecture

  • Design and delivery of end-to-end Solution Architectures
  • Traceability from business requirement to full implementation
  • Deep experience of bespoke and packaged solutions and required integration patterns
  • Specification and implementation of Proof of Concept “spikes” to accelerate build time and mitigate technical risk
  • Ensure adherence to best practices and provide means for tracking quality

Health Check

  • Review of existing Enterprise and Solution architectures
  • Provision of roadmaps to reach desired future state
  • Assessment of existing architectural approaches and governance
  • Architectural mentoring