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BJSS Expertise: Big Data

BJSS Consultants offer access to considerable practical experience of real-world implementation of a variety of Big Data technologies, including vendor accreditation by Cloudera.

This builds on BJSS’ long experience in data processing technologies including traditional relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle), reporting/BI tools, Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs), Enterprise Data Marts (EDMs) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases. It is complemented by our experience of delivering and integrating the mission-critical enterprise IT systems that will act as data sources and make use of analytics generated by a Big Data system.

Entire companies, such as Google, were born out of utilising their data better than anyone else.

Now is the right time to be considering how Data Science disrupts industry. This White Paper presents an overview of some of the more common problem types that can be addressed with Data Science, some of the business problems that these relate to, and provides some case studies that demonstrate value.

BJSS Big Data Lab

While digital technologies provide the opportunity to gain insights from data, it can be difficult to mine in a timely and cost-effective way. To benefit from these insights, classic information management approaches must give way to fresh thinking and techniques.

The BJSS Big Data Lab provides fast and tangible benefits:

  • Immediate insights into the value of Big Data.
  • With a typical engagement of six to 10 weeks, time to market is quick.
  • Ideas to actions occur in days and weeks rather than months.
  • Typically involves a Big Data architect, a Data Scientist and a Big Data engineer.
  • Speedy and efficient decision making, clarifying what works and what doesn’t.
  • Defines and tests architectures and their performance under use.
  • Establishes a credible roadmap to deliver flexible, efficient and agile Big Data solutions.
  • Provides quantitative and realistic insight for the business case and further investment.
  • Enables predictable budgeting with service costs usually fixed at the completion of Sprint0.
  • Clarify the objectives of the Lab
  • Outline the solution architecture
  • Source initial sample data
  • Prove and understand basic model
  • Build domain knowledge
  • Set up Big Data platform
  • Expand classic data acquisition
  • Incorporate non-traditional data sources
  • Iterate and improve model
  • Engineer model for clustered ecosystem

BJSS Big Data


  • Strategy and transformation consultancy engagements
  • Roadmap planning
  • Workshop delivery
  • Proof of concept implementations


  • Solution design
  • Infrastructure build, cloud or physical
  • Project delivery
  • Transition to operational activity

Data Source Onboarding

  • Data cleansing, enrichment, transformation
  • Changes to existing systems of record
  • Real-time and batch ELT/ETL

Business Integration

  • Business change activities
  • Development of analysis and visualisation
  • Integration of these into line of business
  • Information assurance and supporting accreditation

“In an increasingly digital world, IT-enabled innovation is becoming a major competitive differentiator.” CIO, Luxury Vacation Provider

A luxury vacation provider engaged BJSS to gain real-time visibility into the usage and status of its reservations service. The project included a tool which would enable its Network Operations Centre staff to quickly identify and resolve issues.

BJSS Delivered

ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) alongside custom high performance XML parsing to provide a near-real time view of service data through visual interactive dashboards. It parses and ingests 25,000 log lines and XML API requests every second.


The client enjoys real-time visibility into the usage and status of their web service. Dashboards highlight issues as they occur and present analytical insight into clients, searches and purchases. The implementation processes 400TB of data every week. 

“I am very impressed with BJSS’ approach and the speed which the team demonstrated results. BJSS worked with us to introduce a more efficient delivery process enabling us to confidently deploy changes across all our stores in a fraction of the time and with greatly improved quality.” Charles Webb, Waitrose Head of IT Delivery

The existing Waitrose data warehouse could only store two weeks’ pre-aggregated data. It also lacked capability. Waitrose needed to quickly identify which items they had in stock but were not on the shelves.

BJSS Delivered

BJSS ingested years’ worth of sales data and plotted the sales trend of every item in every Waitrose store over the entire period. A user interface which would allow Waitrose staff to automate this task was developed by BJSS in just six weeks.


Waitrose increased its sales revenues and learnt that by improving item availability, it would recognise a 1% increase in global sales (an amount greater than £30 million each year).